Ringworm in Pets 101: What You Need to Know

A sad dog rests on the couch.

Whenever a pet has lesions on the skin, pet owners tend to jump to the conclusion that it must be ringworm. While our vets at Leon Valley Veterinary Clinic diagnose ringworm in pets fairly frequently, we have found that most people don’t really know what they are looking for when it comes to this skin infection. 

Ringworm in pets is not an uncommon dermatological diagnosis, but do you know what you are looking for?


My Dog Bit Someone! What Should I Do?

A man holds the least of a snarling dog.

Dog bites account for more than 4.5 million injuries each year. While it may be easy to assign blame to canine behaviour or assume the dogs who do this are just “bad dogs,” any dog can bite. If your dog bit someone, it can be scary and confusing as to what to do about it. 

The team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital will explain the steps you should take should the unexpected bite happen. 


To Brush Is a Must: Tips for Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

A grumpy cat gets his teeth brushed.

There are probably few things that terrify cat owners more than the thought of bathing their cat, let alone brushing their teeth. You may be surprised, though, that this necessary task will become surprisingly easy with the right techniques, patience, and positive reward. 

The biggest reward, however, is that you are being instrumental in keeping your cat’s teeth healthy, which in turn contributes to overall health. Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital is here with some tips on brushing your cat’s teeth for optimal at home dental care.


A Chow Hound’s Guide to Slow Feeders

Some dogs (and cats) simply live to eat, and enthusiastic eaters can often demolish their meal in mere seconds. Luckily for these fast foragers, there are a great many options to choose from that can help them to savor their supper a bit more. Stick with us to learn more about slow feeders and how this strategy can benefit your ravenous pal.