Aren't you so cute!Heart-shaped treats have a tremendous power to make us feel loved, but the idea that special treats equal devotion can have terrible consequences. This is especially true for your four-legged friend, who doesn’t need yummy, indulgent treats to know how much you care. Instead, the occasional healthy snack is a wonderful alternative, and it begs the question: how else can you show your pet love?

Quality and Quantity

The best way to show your pet love is to simply spending time with him or her every day. Extra snuggles, longer walks, or more play time also benefits your own health and happiness. Even absentmindedly stroking your pet’s ears while surfing the web or watching the news makes your pet feel cared for, and there’s nothing sweeter than that.

The Matter of Training

Investing in training is a fabulous way to show your pet love. Tuning in to his or her abilities and strengths is an outstanding endeavor that achieves both happiness and health. Learning commands (and then showing them off!) is not just fun, it also adds an important sense of purpose and determination to your pet’s day.  

Plus, committing to obedience or daily agility training establishes good habits, provides stimulation, and prevents obesity.

The Grind is Good

A daily routine may seem boring, but your pet disagrees. Having a schedule that he or she can count on is an important way to show your pet love. Part of the routine can include expected mealtimes, bathroom breaks, grooming, and attention to his or her dental health.

Whether you’re the proud owner of a puppy or kitten or a lovable senior pet, you’ll be more successful with daily care routines (such as trimming nails or brushing teeth) when your pet come to expect it.

Place of Refuge

Another wonderful way to show your pet love is by creating a space that’s just for him or her. Your pet may already have a crate or carrier, but if not, it’s important to provide a safe retreat away from all the hustle and bustle. We all know life can be noisy or tiring, and having a soft bed in a quiet area can work wonders for your pet’s happiness.

Hit the Road

If he or she enjoys travel, consider taking a trip together to show your pet love. Expanding your pet’s horizons a little (or a lot) can have a significant impact, and the terrific memories you make will last forever. The new smells and sights will make your pet bounce for joy, and there’s nothing better than that.

Show Your Pet Love Every Day

Take every opportunity to look into your pet’s eyes and say, “I love you.” He or she is by your side for the length of your journey together, and finding different ways to show you care will be returned tenfold by your precious pet.

Your friends at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital are always happy to hear from you. Please let us know how you show your pet love!