A Few of Our Favorite Things: The Best Pet Websites

Leon_iStock_000013012147_DoubleWhether you are the type of person who can view cute kitten video after cute kitten video or are looking for the most up to date information about pet care, read on. We have compiled a list of the best pet websites out there for your enjoyment.

The Cutest Pet Content on the Web

Let’s face it, pets are adorable. We don’t think we will ever grow tired of indulging ourselves in cute animal videos, pictures, and memes. Here are a few of the best pet websites out there to get your daily dose of adorable:

Dogshaming – Ever want to let the world know the embarrassing thing that your dog does? This hilarious website honors those moments all pet owners have secretly shared.

LOL Cats – Because who doesn’t love a witty comment on an adorable pet picture?

Kitten Covers – Kittens re-enacting famous album covers. Why not?

The Fluffington Post – All cute animals, all the time. Please don’t blame us for a loss in your productivity

The Best Pet Websites for Informed Owners

So animals are cute and all, but many pet owners are savvy people who want to be in the know. Check out our favorite pet resources out there:

Pet Insurance University – Your resource for learning about pet insurance. The website even has a feature that allows you to compare plans to find the right one for you.

Pets and Parasites – This website, put together for pet owners by the Companion Animal Parasite Council, is full of up to date information about everything you need to know about your pet and parasites.

Healthy Pet  – This website is maintained by the American Animal Hospital Association, considered the standard of care for veterinarians. It hosts a pet health library and blog for pet owners.

PetDiets – Feeding your pet can be confusing. This website has a plethora of information maintained by actual veterinary nutritionists. You can even get help developing a homemade diet for your pet that is balanced and safe.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control – This resource has a variety of information about toxic plants, foods medications, and other substances for pet owners.

Fun Websites All Pet Owners Should Know

Having pets is fun, and so is surfing the web. There are a ton of great websites out there for pet lovers, some of them more useful than others. Check out a few of our favorites:

Bring Fido – Headed on a trip with the family pet? Check out this great resource for travelling with animals. This site details pet-friendly accommodations and travel tips.

DoggieBuddy – Looking for something fun to do with your canine companion? DoggieBuddy has a list of 52 tricks to teach your dog.

Modern Dog – This online lifestyle magazine highlighting dogs and their owners is full of great stuff. Information about pet behavior, recipes for your dog, and cool new products are just a few of the things you will find. haus

Hauspanther – Are you a cat owner with a flair for pet design? Then you will find the plethora of sleek cat gear, jewelry, and other items irresistible.

Pet Finder – A great place to find your next four-legged friend if you are looking to adopt.

The web is full of great places for pet owner to visit. It’s impossible for us to hit them all, and we are sure we missed a few. Let us know what you think the best pet websites out there are.

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