International Veterinary Medicine Day.

Veterinarians are responsible for the health and well-being of the animals and family pets in our community, and they deserve to be recognized and thanked for their compassion, care, and unwavering dedication to the animals and families they serve. 

This International Veterinary Medicine Day, we’d like to take a moment to recognize and highlight all the amazing things veterinarians do for our beloved pets, pet owners, and the caring staff they oversee. The veterinary team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital would like to honor and thank veterinarians around the United States (and the world) for their contribution and commitment on this International Veterinary Medicine day, and every day. 

Caring for Animals from Babyhood to the Senior Years 

Veterinarians are responsible for so many things, but most importantly to you, they see your fur baby through every age and stage of their life. They are there for pets from kittenhood or puppyhood, help them grow into healthy and active adult pets, and guide them through their senior years. A lifetime of care, pet wellness, and forming a bond with your pet is no job to be taken lightly.  

Not Just Pet Care, But People Care, Too

When a veterinarian is caring for a pet, they are also caring for the pet parents, too. Veterinarians help teach pet parents the important and necessary information to give your pets the best life possible. When an illness or injury befalls an animal companion, or a pet emergency occurs, the veterinarian is there to comfort and care for the pet parents. Veterinarians treat your pets like they are a part of their own family, and in doing so, they show care and comfort to the human family members in the process. Veterinarians are there to guide families and pet parents through tough decisions, as well as to celebrate the little things and the milestones in your pet’s life. The next time your pet is going through a tough time, remember to thank your veterinarian for the genuine care and compassion they give you and your pets, as well. 

Compassion Fatigue 

Being a veterinarian is not for the faint of heart. Veterinarians see the good, bad, and ugly side of caring for pets, and it can be a really difficult job at times. They are there for the injured pets, the sick pets, the abused pets, the neglected pets, those in their golden years, and pets crossing over the rainbow bridge. Veterinarians possess a very specific strength to care for all of these pets, and to do so with compassion and love. It can be draining on their emotions, but they still show up to continue to care for the animals they love so much. They care for every pet with their whole heart, and are there to experience it all. A way to help veterinarians and their staff avoid compassion fatigue is to continue to thank them, appreciate them, and honor them for their hard work and dedication to your pets. 

From the team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, THANK YOU to all the veterinarians across the world for your dedication, hard work, and compassion. To schedule a wellness exam for your pet, or thank our dedicated veterinary team, call us at (210) 681-1391.