athletes and animal charitiesProfessional athletes don’t always have the best reputations outside of their respective playing fields, especially when it comes to animals. This has started to change, however, as athletes in Texas and across the country use their considerable influence to positively impact the lives of needy animals. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite athletes and animal charities that are changing the world for the better.

Cowboy Softies

Cowboys starting guard Zack Martin and starting defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford are two of many athletes taking part in a nationwide effort to prevent animal cruelty called Show Your Soft Side. The ad campaign, founded in Baltimore, features photos of professional athletes and coaches posing with their pets alongside messages promoting kindness and compassion toward animals.

Making A Difference

Former University of Texas football player Ricky Williams is now retired from the NFL, but this strict vegetarian is nowhere near retired from helping Animals. Williams recently teamed up with PETA to host a ‘faux chicken wings’ taste test for Buffalo Wild Wings.

Helping Houston Animals

February was an exciting month for Houston’s needy pets. The Players and Pets Blackout Super Bowl Edition fundraiser, which benefitted three Houston area animal charities. Celebrities and professional athletes, including former Texas A&M football player Donovan Greer, participated in a pet “fashion show” during the event, which highlighted local pets available for adoption.

Athletes And Animal Charities Beyond Texas

There’s no denying that Texas athletes are pretty amazing, but there are plenty of other players doing their part to help needy pets all over the country, including:

  • Tennessee Titans quarterback Logan Ryan and wife Ashley Bragg made headlines when they asked wedding guests for donations to a local animal shelter in lieu of gifts (Ryan also appears in a monthly Instagram series called Ryan’s Monthly Rescue)
  • Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith, alongside wife Chanel, recently covered the adoption fees of every animal at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS).
  • Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley documented his heartwarming adoption of an older “not so adoptable” dog on social media

So, as you settle in and join the 64% of Americans who watch football, raise a toast to these special athletes and animal charities. Don’t forget to give your team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital a call with your questions and concerns about your pet.