Reptile Rescue: What to Do When You Need to Rehome a Reptile or Amphibian

Lizard on girls shoulder.

It’s always upsetting to come to the realization that a beloved pet needs to be rehomed. There are many reasons for this, from losing a home or job to ill health or other hardship. Sometimes, the pet-to-people match isn’t always a great success

Finding a new home for a dog or cat is one thing, but things can get a little tricky when you need to rehome a reptile or amphibian. Since the team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital wants all of our pet companions to have the safest, best options for their adoptions, we want to shed some light on what to consider when rehoming these amazing exotics.


Rabbit Care Tips for the Happiest Bun-Bun in Town

In the world of cute, cuddly young pets, rabbits, bunnies, or “bunny-rabbits” are absolute contenders for your love and attention. Perhaps unconventional, they certainly rival puppies and kittens for their sweetness and irresistible charms.

Their adorable qualities aside, rabbits are relatively easy to care for once you have the know-how. Understanding your bun-bun’s unique personality can be rewarding, and with all the right rabbit care tools at your disposal, the possibilities for fun are endless.