National Pet Memorial Day – Remembering Your Pet’s Beautiful Life

Mourning doves perched on a sign in a pet cemetery, Andrade, California.The loss of a beloved pet leaves an indelible imprint on our hearts and an empty space in our homes. Truly, our pets become family members, sharing some of our more joyous occasions, as well as providing comfort during life’s rough patches.  Letting go can seem an impossible feat, no matter what the circumstances that led to the understandable grace of parting ways.

That is why National Pet Memorial Day, Sunday, September 14th, is an important and meaningful holiday to honor and celebrate the lives of our departed companions. Started over 40 years ago, the holiday offers grieving pet owners the chance to memorialize their pets through tributes, services, and events that highlight the many ways our pets bring happiness to our lives.

While many people choose to observe the day at one of San Antonio’s pet cemeteries, there are several ways you can celebrate your pet’s life. Continue…