Sunny Days Ahead: Protect Your Pet with Dog Sunscreen

Are you and your dog planning on some big outdoor adventures this summer? Or, are you more inclined to chill outdoors or poolside?

Either way, if your pet is involved, heat and harsh UV rays need to be factored in for their safety and fun. Many pet owners wonder if they should apply sunscreen to their furry friends, or why they need it at all. 

Your friends at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital are here to give you the lowdown on those sunny days with your pet, and why you should definitely choose dog sunscreen for their skin safety.


Spring Has Sprung! And With It Comes Spring Pet Toxins

Spring is in the air, and we are all ready to get outside! Even with the mild winters of San Antonio, there’s nothing like the first spring breeze and a little more daylight to get the spring fever started. Our pets feel the pull of the season as well, and are eager to stretch their legs in the sun, too.

But more outdoor time sometimes means that – surprise! – your pet got into something they shouldn’t, and you wind up at the emergency clinic. With our list of spring pet toxins, Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital can help you keep these surprises to a minimum as the weather warms up.


San Antonio and Beyond: Fall Pet Activities to Swoon Over

San Antonio Fall Activities for Pets Abound

October is arguably one of the best months in southern Texas. The heat finally backs off, and there’s an abundance of things to do outdoors. Indeed, with all the fun to experience in and around San Antonio this fall, it just wouldn’t do to leave your dog at home. Instead, check out these tips to experience the best fall pet activities around town!

Ready for This?

Going out in public with your dog is always fun, but it’s more delightful when they’re well-behaved. Don’t take your pet along if they pose a risk to other animals or people. Also be sure they’re fully vaccinated, microchipped, current on parasite prevention, spayed/neutered, and can understand basic voice commands.


Made in the Shade: An Essential of Summer Pet Safety

Shade for pets is an important part of summer pet safetyAs the dog days of summer arrive, we all may be spending more time outdoors, including our pets. During warm, sunny days in Texas, though, it quickly becomes a priority to stay cool by finding a shady tree, cooling off in the pool, or even heading indoors to the air conditioning.

What about our pets? At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we’re thinking about how to keep pets safe and cool this summer, too.  And, so we’re exploring shade; why it’s necessary to summer pet safety, and perhaps, how to create some fun new shade areas in our yards this summer, too. Continue…

After the Storm: How to Help Pets in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

As we continue to assess the damage, clean up and rebuild, and provide solace and support to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey, pet owners might wonder how they can help the many animals impacted by the storm.

The staff at Leon Valley wants to encourage all of us to lend a hand for our fur friends with these practical tips to help pets in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


Not so Green Acres: Prevent Dog Urine Grass Burns for Good

dog urineIf you’re the proud owner of both a dog and a lawn, chances are you have at least a few yellow or brown spots out there in your field of green.

The nitrogen in dog urine is responsible for the dog urine grass burns we all know (and probably don’t love). Because of the high protein content in the canine diet, nitrogen levels in your pet’s urine will always be high, meaning that preventing the laws spots before they happen is your best bet for a healthy lawn.


An Unwelcome Arrival: The Canine Flu Outbreak and What it Means for Your Pet

canine fluJust when you thought you were prepared for the summer and had all your pet safety needs covered, here comes the dog flu. And not just any flu – this one is referred to using the unsettling terms “epidemic” and “outbreak.” So what exactly is canine flu and how can you be better prepared for its arrival?


Yankee Doodle Doggie: How to Safely Celebrate the Fourth of July With Your Pet

fourth of july with your petThere are some things that just don’t mix. For example, the Fourth of July and pets is often a risky combination. Loud noises, parties, fireworks, and other crowded festivities are all part of the equation, making the holiday seem like a pain for pet owners everywhere.

In a previous blog, we wrote about the dangers of the holiday and how to protect your pet. This also includes a common pet condition (noise anxiety) and how to help your furry friend cope. But what about ways to make the holiday pet friendly?

For all our pet parents out there, we have some fun and safe ideas for spending the Fourth of July with your pet.


From Festivals to Fairs: Keeping Your Pet Safe in Public Gatherings

pet safe in publicLarge-scale events typically do not allow pets (except service animals) – and for good reason. It’s hard enough to keep a pet safe in public on a normal day of the week, but adding potentially dangerous foods, uncomfortable weather conditions, and loud, jarring noises to the mix could be a recipe for disaster. Sure, certain life experiences are enhanced through the company of a four-legged best friend, but sometimes, it’s safer to just leave a pet at home.


Fun in the Sun: 5 Essential Summer Pet Safety Tips

The heat is already on for most of us in the southern half of the country, and where did spring go? Being prepared for the early blaze of warm weather often means cranking up the central air, adding refrigerant to our vehicle’s air conditioner systems, and stocking up on sunscreen. When it comes to pets and their owners, summer pet safety is at the top of our list.

While there’s nothing quite as fun as frolicking outside with Fido or lounging poolside with Fluffy, recognizing common mistakes that pet owners make is key to keeping our furry friends safe this summer. At Leon Valley, we’re happy to offer the following summer pet safety tips.