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Fun Dog Facts

We may be biased, but at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we think dogs are amazingly cool. That may be why we’re so interested in learning more about them. From details about their mental and physical capabilities, to interesting facts about their behavior and tendencies, we are constantly entertained and wowed by fun dog facts.  Keep […]
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Dispelling the Fear of Pet Anesthesia

Veterinary surgery has come a long way in recent years. Routine procedures, such as spays, neuters, or dental cleanings, are remarkably commonplace now, and advanced surgeries, necessitated by sudden illness or injury, can be complete life-savers.  Regardless of a surgery’s complexity, keeping animals safe, still, and free of pain requires anesthesia. This understandably triggers stress […]
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Training an Older Dog: Is it Possible?

There are many great reasons to adopt an older dog. Perhaps not surprisingly, the absence of housetraining ranks pretty high. Sure, there might be accidents in the very beginning of your new relationship, but once you train them to go at certain times (and only in designated areas!) a new-to-you adult or senior dog will […]
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Catch Your Breath: Asthma in Pets

Like their human owners, cats and dogs can both experience asthma – shortness of breath, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. When your pet has an asthma attack, it can be scary and even life threatening. Fortunately, with good medical management, your pet can still live a relatively normal life. Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital explores the ins […]
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Timeless Wellness: Senior Pet Care 101

Over the past several decades, our understanding of the aging process and the needs of senior pets has improved dramatically thanks to veterinary studies and research. Combine this with the never-ending love and devotion of dedicated pet owners, and you’ve got a recipe for longer, more fulfilling lives for today’s pets. Whether you adopted your […]
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Kennel Cough Basics: Infection, Treatment, and Prevention

When your dog displays signs of respiratory distress, what do you do? With the latest outbreak of canine influenza around Chicago earlier this year, and the spread of the same strain in our own backyards in 2011, it’s natural to conclude that your dog caught the nasty, contagious flu. However, while some symptoms (such as […]
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