A black and white mutt in a bedroom.

It’s National Mutt Day on July 31st, and what better way for Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital to celebrate than to share a little bit about why we think they are the best. Join us in celebrating mutts today and every day!

Just a Mutt

The term mutt is another word for describing a dog of mixed breeds. While many people seek purebred dogs for certain characteristics, there are a large number of mutts in shelters throughout the country (up to 80% of homeless pets!). Our staff knows first-hand how wonderful and deserving mixed breed dogs can be. 

Historically, humans have bred specific breeds of dogs for very specific characteristics, resulting in somewhat predictable features and personalities. This has, in some instances, failed our breeds, though. While most bulldogs will never fight a bull these days, they often suffer from problems related to the flat face we tried so hard for them to have.

Mixed breed dogs are a step back from this highly cultivated dog that humans have developed over the years. While “mutt” may sound a bit like a four-letter word, the truth is that in many ways, they may be the better modern dog!

Reasons We Are Celebrating Mutts

When folks set out to add a dog to their family, the mixed breed is an often overlooked option. As we go about celebrating mutts, we want to be sure that we share the compelling reasons to consider adopting one instead of a purebred dog:

  • The mutt is an American icon (in fact, at Westminster and AKC events, the term mutt is replaced with “All-American”)
  • They have a more diverse gene pool, which theoretically lowers their risk of things like cancer, hip dysplasia, and allergies
  • The American Kennel Club allows mutts to compete in agility, obedience, and rally
  • Unique combinations ensure that your dog is like no other
  • They tend to have more balanced personality traits
  • Mutts generally carry an adoption fee that is a little less steep
  • Mixed breed dogs tend to need homes more than purebreds, making you a great person for giving one a good home

Mutts can be every bit as cute, cuddly, and endearing as any other dog. There is no doubt that they can find their way into the hearts of their owners every bit as much as any purebred out there.

The next time that you are looking to add four paws to your family, be sure to add a mixed breed option to your list. You never know, you just might find the love of your life.

Do you have a special mixed breed dog in your life? Join us in celebrating mutts by sharing them with us on our Facebook page