Why Do Dog’s Feet Smell Like Fritos?

If you’re like us, corn chips are one of your favorite snacks. But have you ever noticed that your dog’s feet smell like Fritos? Many people report they actually like this smell! Regardless of how you feel about this phenomenon, it’s pretty common, and you may be wondering what’s behind this peculiar occurrence.

Whether you think your pet’s feet smell like corn chips, popcorn, or other corn-related snacks, stay tuned as Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital explores the world of doggy Frito feet!

Why Your Dog’s Feet Smell Like Fritos

Even healthy dogs have millions of microbes and bacteria on their skin and feet. That corn chip odor is usually caused by completely harmless bacteria, namely Pseudomonas or Proteus. Both of these bacteria are found in our environment.

If you walk with your dog at all, you know they regularly tread through and over many surfaces, picking up any number of substances on their paws. Couple that with normal licking and grooming habits, and you have a moist environment that’s perfect for growing bacteria and yeast. Dogs also sweat through their paws, giving bacteria and yeast an even greater chance to grow.

Good Grooming

If you’re worried about the smell or don’t love the fact that your dog’s feet smell like Fritos, there are a number of things you can do. Regularly washing your dog’s feet will eliminate any sweat and debris that may be contributing to smelly feet. Wash your dog’s feet with a gentle pet shampoo, and dry them carefully. Make sure to gently spread the toes apart by pressing on the pads.

Regularly trim any long hairs between the toes, which can harbor bacteria and yeast, resulting in odor. If you’d like professional help, we’d be happy to assist you with our grooming services.

Allergies and Yeast

If the smell of your dog’s Frito feet don’t bother you, there’s no need to worry. However, if the smell becomes overwhelming, it might be an indication that something more serious is going on.

Yeast overgrowth is a potential problem that can sometimes lead to infection. Yeast infections commonly affect dogs with compromised immune systems or allergies, so if your dog falls into one of those categories, be especially vigilant.

Be on the lookout for the following signs:

  • Itchy paws, ears, and/or skin
  • Frito smell coming from the ears, as well as the feet
  • Biting of the feet
  • Excessive licking around the feet or other areas of the body

If you observe any of these behaviors, please make an appointment to have your dog examined. If you have any questions about Frito feet or your dog’s paws in general, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.