The holidays are a time for loved ones, family, and friends, and our pets are included in the love. After the weeks of shopping, wrapping gifts, and going to parties and gatherings, we may not always take the time to include our four-legged friends. After all of the busy, busy, the holidays can be exhausting. Why not take a moment to think up ways to include your pet during the holidays, though? 

The team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital are here to help with these festive, creative ideas for merriment for your furriest pals.

All the Gifts

Buying your pet holiday presents can be so much fun for you, but how about including them in your holiday plans? Here are some fun activities for pet gifts that include your pet in the preparation and encourage more bonding time.

  1. DIY Dog or Cat Treats Your pet pal will be so happy to get the delicious homemade treats. By spending the afternoon prepping and making them, this will give your pet the much needed enrichment they need. There are many recipes online, too, so the skies the limit to what you decide to bake up!
  2. Shopping for new toys – Take your well behaved dog or cat along with you in the quest for the perfect gift for them. Most pet supply stores welcome pets, so you can walk down the aisles looking for the toys they like best together.
  3. Make gifts for others – Schedule a time for you and your friends to get together (with your pets) to volunteer and sew pet beds, blankets, or toys for shelter pets. Use this time to allow your socialied pets to play and turn on the holiday music for all to enjoy.
  4. Make a pet stocking – Gather all of your small gifts, DIY treats, and other fun items and place them in a stocking for your pet to investigate. 

The Sights and Sounds of the Season

Along with gifts, you can come up with some holiday-themed activities the two of you can enjoy together. There is no limit to what you can come up with, but here are a few ideas we love:

  1. Check out the holiday lights together – Get your furry one wrapped up in their coat and booties, and go for a walk around some of the neighborhoods that feature phenomenal holiday lights. If it is too cold, go for a drive through a decorated park or historic area.
  2. Binge-watch Christmas movies – From Elf to It’s a Wonderful Life, there are so many great classics and contemporary films that are special to watch this time of year. Pop some popcorn and don your pajamas and curl up with your loved ones and pets for a holiday movie marathon.
  3. Make ornaments together – Include the whole family and make homemade ornaments for all. Pet paw prints in clay make a wonderful gift that can be placed on the tree for years to come.
  4. Get a picture with Santa – What’s cuter than your pet sitting with Santa for a Instagram-worthy portrait? Look around for the closest malls or shops that allow pets to get their photo taken with Santa. This will be a great idea for holiday cards, if not this year but next.

We hope these fun and festive ideas will keep your pet happy this holiday season. We are sure that any time the two of you are together and enjoying activities, they will be! Have a wonderful holiday season!

If you have any questions about pet friendly activities, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us