Cat in tailor work shopWhether your pets have been naughty or nice this year, they still deserve a little something during the holidays. While gift giving isn’t exactly reciprocal between our species (unless you count rodent trophies, super slobbery kisses, or weekend wake-up calls as “gifts”), but that doesn’t mean your pet won’t be smitten by our sweet, simple DIY pet gifts.

Since we’re ahead of schedule, there are no excuses to not give, give, give!

Just Sayin’

Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital wants to encourage a season of play and memory-making, but it must be said that some elements of DIY pet gifts can actually be quite dangerous. Always be on the lookout for small objects that can cause choking or GI obstruction. Likewise, any loose or dangling parts may also be hazardous. Please let us know if we can help you in this department.

Delightfully Easy DIY Pet Gifts

Sure, you can definitely apply your creativity to varying degrees of complication, but your pet won’t know (or care) how much time you put into DIY pet gifts. The following make a big impact without taking up an exorbitant amount of time or money:

  1. T-shirt tug toy – Dogs generally love their owner’s scent, so it makes sense to give an old t-shirt a new purpose. Not only will your dog have an olfactory connection to the toy, but he or she will love the game of tug!
  2. Spring pole toy Do you have a young pet with lots of energy? This fun contraption helps young pets get the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy, and it’s very amusing to watch.
  3. Felt sushi What cat would turn down a plate full of felt sashimi? Especially when it’s stuffed with catnip.
  4. Smart kitty puzzle Ok, this toy does require some sewing, but the end product is so charming and interesting to cats, good ‘ol Fido may want a turn, too.

Oh So Yummy!

Delectable items are customary during the holidays. Why not include your pet in the practice? For example, this yum yum dispenser has the potential to outwit your clever pet, or raise some IQ points. Try out these simple dog treats to win some points with your pup, or any of these DIY cat treat recipes.

Nice Duds

We all love new threads, and your pet may really enjoy the positive results from sporting these upcycled belt collars or pet sweaters made from old clothes. We know we’d love see some snapshots of your pet all dressed up!

The Chill Zone

Perhaps what your pet really needs is an upgrade to his or her snuggle spot. May we recommend:

Happy Holidays from All of Us

If all else fails, this self petting station for cats is always a winner. Or, the elevated dog bowl chairs are both practical and stylish!

If our veterinarians or staff members can help you with more DIY pet gifts, please contact us. We are always here for you!