Of all the gear needed for responsible dog ownership, a good leash ranks pretty high. Of course, dog leashes vary in size, length, material, and the many ways they keep dogs and people safe.

For some, retractable leashes offer the perfect combination of freedom and flexibility. However, because they present serious injury risks, retractable leashes aren’t the best choice. So, what are the best dog leashes out there?

It’s About Training

A well-trained dog who responds promptly to basic commands can do well on a flexible lead, and many owners swear by retractable leashes as a way to provide dogs with a sense of independence. For more on this, please read our previous post about the dangers of retractable leashes.

For dogs who haven’t received intensive training (especially young dogs who love to run), there are some simple, affordable alternatives.

Let’s Go Shopping!

There are so many choices when it comes to dog leashes. Picking one over another comes down to personal preference, as long as the following criteria are met:

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Length (6-foot dog leashes are ideal, but if you frequent busy streets, opt for a 4-foot leash for more control)
  • Weatherproof

Some dogs end up chewing on their leashes, especially if they’re made out of leather. While these look stunning, a sturdier nylon option may be more suitable or try a sleek, tether-like leash (impossible to shred!).

For under five bucks, you can purchase a simple, effective leash like this one from PetSafe or try this woven option made from waterproof, colorfast multifilament polypropylene.

Safe, Smart Dog Leashes

It can be a real drag to walk a dog who pulls hard on their leash. With this Cujo Shock Absorbing Leash, you can get a handle on this behavior.

Have more than one dog? Try a coupler to keep everyone in line and happy!

There are also plenty of reflective or light-up leashes if you enjoy walking at night. There are also styles that are ideal for running and dog leashes that come with a matching harness set. You can find virtually any color, pattern, material, and sizing option that you need. You can also have one tailor-made for you and your dog!

Why Dog Leashes are Important

There’s a time and place for dogs to roam free, such as dog parks, scheduled off-leash areas, and your own backyard. However, when walking your dog, having a leash and a snug-fitting collar are key to keeping them safe and sound. You never know when your dog might feel the need to dart after a squirrel, and it’s also impossible to predict if you’ll encounter another dog running loose.  

Dog leashes prevent accidental injury, and city leash laws are enforced to keep community members safe from harm. It’s also important to maintain your dog’s training schedule and to keep them engaged with new commands and tricks.

If you have additional questions about dog leashes, please let us know. We’re always here for you at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital!