fourth of july with your petThere are some things that just don’t mix. For example, the Fourth of July and pets is often a risky combination. Loud noises, parties, fireworks, and other crowded festivities are all part of the equation, making the holiday seem like a pain for pet owners everywhere.

In a previous blog, we wrote about the dangers of the holiday and how to protect your pet. This also includes a common pet condition (noise anxiety) and how to help your furry friend cope. But what about ways to make the holiday pet friendly?

For all our pet parents out there, we have some fun and safe ideas for spending the Fourth of July with your pet.

Celebrating the Fourth of July With Your Pet

There’s no escaping the noise on July 4th, but what you can do is plan for some activities to keep your pet distracted (or at least mitigate some of the noise). To help your pet focus on something positive, consider one of the following tips to distract him or her using rewards and activities.

  1. Bake some cookies or other snacks. If your pet adores a snack (and who doesn’t?), why not whip up some delicious and healthy biscuits or some frozen treats for your best friend? You can keep it on the nutritious side by choosing wholesome ingredients that are safe for pets (you can even use patriotic cookie cutters and other fun shapes!).
  2. Go for an early morning walk (with friends). Invite your pals with pets to take an early morning stroll for some collective playtime and exercise. Since the evening of July 4th will be a dangerous time for dog walking, an early morning at the park or other fun place will still allow your pet the chance to socialize with his or her favorite pooch pals. Be sure to keep your pet leashed unless you’re in an enclosed, secure area.
  3. Head to the country. Ever dream about some time out in nature or spending the night at a pet friendly bed and breakfast? Camping at a dispersed site (away from campgrounds and crowds) or lodging at a countryside inn or ranch that welcomes your pet are great ideas to escape the holiday madness and noise.
  4. Break out some new toys and games. Each holiday, most pet supply stores go all out with holiday-themed toys and other items. From Uncle Sam toys to star spangled pet beds, you’d be surprised at how many red, white, and blue items you’ll encounter. Introduce these new toys in the room where your pet will be staying during the ruckus, and create a mini-vacation in the comfort of your home.
  5. Try a little togetherness. If your pet is used to being alone on holidays, why not sit this one out and simply hang out at home with your best four-legged? Those with noise anxiety really need to have someone near to provide reassurance, safety, TLC, and positive distractions. You can also create a cozy place to lounge in a guest room, basement, or other quiet location. Consider grabbing some snacks (for your pet too!) and watching a few comedies or lighthearted movies together.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t had your pet microchipped, please do so. Many pets get lost around the Fourth of July, and this simple procedure is added peace of mind.  If you’re concerned about your pet’s level of anxiety, please call us to discuss ways to make the season a little easier on him or her. There are many options that can help!