Ah, cats! They are fun, playful, loving, and fiercely independent. And, they often confuse us with their antics and behavior. Whatever the personality of your cat, there’s no denying they are endlessly fascinating.

Maybe that’s why at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we never tire of hearing fun cat facts, and we have a feeling you don’t either! 

Physical Prowess

The physical abilities of cats is nothing short of incredible. Did you know that:

  • Cats conserve energy by sleeping 13-14 hours per day.
  • Cats can jump up to 6 times their length.
  • Cats’ collar bones aren’t connected to their other bones. This is one reason they can slip into and out of tiny spaces.
  • Cats are believed to be the only mammals that don’t taste sweetness.
  • Cats are nearsighted, but their peripheral vision and night vision are much better than ours.

Common Interest

  • The first known potentially domesticated cat was discovered in a 9,500 year old grave.
  • A group of cats is called a “clowder”.
  • A male cat is called a tom; a female cat is called a queen.
  • Cats are crepuscular, which means they are more active at dusk and dawn.
  • Cats can get pregnant when they are only 4 months old!
  • Grapes, raisins, onions, and garlic are all toxic to cats.
  • Cats can be crate trained and potty trained.

Why Do They Do That?

If you ever have questions about feline behavior, join the club. Here are some of our fun cat facts about why cats do what they do. 

  • Cats have up to 100 different vocalizations, and a unique set of them for their owners.
  • A slow blink is known as a “kitty kiss”.
  • A question mark shaped tail on your cat may mean, “Want to play?”.
  • Kneading, otherwise known as making biscuits, means your cat is happy and content.
  • Your cat drapes her tail over you, another cat, or a dog as a symbol of friendship.
  • Cats are fussy about their water bowls; your cat may prefer to drink from the faucet.
  • If you can’t find your cat, look for her in a box or a bag-favorite hiding spots for cats.
  • About half the cats in the world respond to the scent of catnip.

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite fun cat facts? Let us know the next time you’re in for a visit, or on our social media pages. If you have questions or concerns about your cat’s health or well being in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to give us a call