As we continue to assess the damage, clean up and rebuild, and provide solace and support to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey, pet owners might wonder how they can help the many animals impacted by the storm.

The staff at Leon Valley wants to encourage all of us to lend a hand for our fur friends with these practical tips to help pets in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

5 Meaningful Ways to Help Pets in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

  1. Consider a financial donation – Although most of us want to take in and foster as many of these deserving pets as possible, this may not be feasible or even the most helpful way to assist. There are several reputable organizations, such as Houston Humane Society and San Antonio Humane Society, that that are equipped to provide rescue, shelter, relocation, and temporary fostering to those who are currently displaced or lost.
  2. Donate needed supplies – Carriers and crates were in huge demand during the storm and continue to be needed. Along with these items, leashes, collars, food, treats, pet beds, and many other supplies provide the necessities of taking care of thousands of pets during this transition. Before donating, check with local shelters and ask what items are most needed.
  3. Foster – There are many pets waiting to be reunited with loved ones who are seeking housing or permanent residences so their pets can be returned. Fostering in the interim is a wonderful way to provide daily care and shelter for these pets and those who love them. In addition, there are pets who are permanently missing who need fostering until they are adopted (perhaps also by you!).
  4. Raise awareness – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are a great way to spread the word about your favorite charities supporting the post-hurricane animal rescue efforts. Among nonprofits and shelters, you can also create a fundraising campaign to raise monetary donations or goods among your friends and loved ones. Hashtag your posts with #HurricaneHarvey, #Adopt, #Transport, #Rescue, and #Donate to increase visibility and followers.
  5. Educate yourself and your loved ones – One of the best ways you can help protect pets and is to learn more about emergency preparedness and how to keep your pets safe in an emergency. Even if you don’t live in an area affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, flash flooding, earthquakes, and other natural disasters can occur, as well as general emergencies that are personal. In each case, learning how to safely evacuate your pet, understand the basics of First Aid, and be prepared for any unfortunate scenario is a good way to ensure that everyone – two and four-legged alike – remains safe and sound.

We are here to answer any additional questions on pet emergencies and preparedness, or how to help all of those affected by the flooding. For all animals, we are heartened by so many wonderful pet lovers who will reach out to assist during these trying times.