hobbies for pet ownersIt may be hard to imagine that the squishy pug napping on your sofa is descended from wolves, or that the timid tabby cleaning herself by the window shares DNA with lions, tigers, and other large and exotic cats. Our pets enjoy safe and comfortable lives, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel the call of the wild from time to time, thanks to the lineage they share with these wild and majestic creatures.

Even the mellowest pet needs interesting things to do to stay happy and healthy. You can help your sweet pet indulge their natural instincts in ways that are safe and fun for both of you by participating in one of many exciting hobbies for pet owners.

8 Hobbies for Pet Owners

  1. Agility training – In agility training, a dog is directed through a series of obstacles by their handler (you). You and your dog don’t have to compete in a contest to gain the many benefits of agility training, including exercise, bonding, and mental challenge.
  2. Doga – Doga, or “dog yoga”, is growing in popularity as a way for yoga lovers and dog owners to connect and share the powerful benefits yoga has to offer.
  3. Cat leash walking – Training your cat to walk on a leash takes patience, but the benefits are worth the effort. Leash walking allows kitty to explore the outdoors, while continuing to reap the health and safety benefits of indoor life.
  4. Dog dancing – Also known as Canine Musical Freestyle, dog dancing is a choreographed routine set to music that both dog and handler learn together, and is a wonderful way to bond with your pet.
  5. Clicker training – Clicker training can be used with both dogs and cats as an effective way to learn a new skill, correct unwanted behaviors, and provide hours of valuable mental stimulation.
  6. Instinct training – Tap into your dog’s breed-based abilities by working with them to learn tracking, herding, hunting, and other skills that dogs once had to know in order to earn their keep in human society.
  7. Rally obedience – This advanced sport combines components of obedience, agility, and racing as dogs compete against the clock in an obstacle course while their handlers direct them using signs.
  8. Feline enrichment – Indoor cats benefit enormously from our efforts to provide them with an interesting environment, and there’s no reason why this can’t become a hobby! Designing food puzzles, crafting DIY cat toys, building or assembling cat trees or even a catio will while provide hours of fun for both of you.

At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we love to hear all about our client’s favorite hobbies for pet owners! Post a picture of you and your pet enjoying your favorite hobby on our Facebook page, or tell us all about it the next time you come in to see us!