A small dog getting ready to go to the pet boarding facility in a dog carrier.

No matter what, it is always tough to leave our favorite furry loves behind when we travel. In many cases, though, it is much less stress for your pet to not be a part of holiday chaos. If you are wondering whether you should hire a sitter or board your pet, we are here to help!

There are many reasons for either option, and it depends on your pet’s individual needs. Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital offers some things to consider before making the decision.

Opting for a Pet Sitter

A pet sitter works independently or with a company and will come to your home either overnight or at designated times. The pet sitter is generally bonded and should have references, and will meet with you ahead of time to discuss the details of caring for your pet. These days, many pet sitters will stay overnight, when needed, while others spend 30 minutes or more each visit caring for your pet.

This option is good for several reasons:

  • You have multiple pets
  • Your pet has issues of anxiety and stress in new situations
  • Cats who are more averse to being away from home
  • You want the pet sitter to attend to other errands, like checking the mail and turning lights on and off
  • You have a kitten or puppy that have not be fully vaccinated
  • You have a senior pet and it is safer for them to stay in their familiar home

Many pets owners just also enjoy knowing their pet gets the one on one attention, too.

When Boarding Is Best

Pet boarding is another good option when you need to travel. Research the best facilities in advance and do a tour. Opt for those who offer lots of time and attention, both in group playtime as well as one on one. 

Your pet may be well suited for a kennel when they:

  • Need a lot of social interaction from other pets
  • Are well socialized and fully vaccinated
  • They like to be outside often, and prefer kennels with outdoor runs
  • They need medical attention at a veterinary clinic that offers boarding
  • Your pet is prone to destructive behaviors when left alone

Questions About Whether to Board Your Pet or Hire a Sitter? Call Us!

Do your homework when choosing the right sitter or boarding facility. Be prepared with several questions about how they would provide care and keep you informed of your pet’s well-being while you are away. We invite you to ask questions about boarding with your friends at LVVH! Please call us.