Veterinarian giving injection to a little catVaccinations have garnered a lot of media attention lately, and there is quite a bit of misinformation being driven by the negative attention. Because of this, there is an array of general misconceptions among pet owners about whether or not certain pet vaccinations are necessary, or whether vaccinations compromise the health of their pet. Unfortunately, this kind of misinformation can create health risks for unvaccinated pets.

By ensuring your pet’s vaccination protocol is met, you provide protection against many diseases, such as leptospirosis, rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and more. Some of these diseases are highly contagious and sometimes fatal to our pet and other animals exposed to the disease.  Some are also zoonotic diseases, meaning that they can also be transferred to humans, as in the case with rabies and leptospirosis.

Reasons to keep your pet vaccination and booster schedule current include:

  • A complete vaccine schedule can protect your pet from a plethora of serious diseases that can be life-threatening, painful, and debilitating.
  • It protects you and your family from possible animal-to-human illnesses and diseases.
  • In some cases, it is the law. Rabies vaccinations, for example, are required for all dogs and cats in Texas.
  • Many kennels, grooming facilities, and doggy daycares require proof that your pet has been vaccinated against a number of diseases.
  • Vaccines actually help to strengthen your pet’s overall immune system.

Since each species is unique, your pet will be evaluated for the preventative plan that best meets his or her needs at your regular wellness exam.

Some common vaccines, or “core vaccines”, include …

Rabies – As mentioned, rabies vaccination is mandated by law and is essential in preventing the spread of this virulent disease between wildlife, domestic animals, and humans.

Feline distemper – This vaccine protects your cat from contracting feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia (distemper).

Canine distemper – Several severe and highly contagious diseases are covered in this combo vaccine: distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus.

In addition to standard vaccines commonly administered, we assess your pet for likelihood of exposure to other diseases or illnesses.

During your pet’s wellness exam, it’s imperative to discuss travel plans, exposure to lake water or natural water sources and wildlife, upcoming plans to board your pet, and other factors including your pet’s age and general health.

Other diseases we may recommend your pet be vaccinated against include:

  • Leptospirosis, a serious zoonotic disease transmitted through wildlife and affected water sources
  • Lyme disease
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Feline leukemia (FeLV)
  • Canine influenza

Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital has a focus on the wellness of each individual patient, taking into account age, exposure, current health status, and many other important factors to determine the prevention plan best suited for your pet. We invite you to also review our affordable wellness plans, tailored to the needs of your pet, from youth through their golden years. Please feel free to call us with your questions, or to schedule an appointment.