A brown and white dog waiting for a veterinarian appointment with its owner.

Many businesses have adapted incredibly well to changes presented to their industries, but the widespread, long-lasting effects of Covid-19 are still being tallied. As essential businesses, veterinary hospitals have made important strides over the last year. Every day we must find a balance between promptly serving our patients and meeting all the necessary safety protocols per our local and federal leaders. As a result, pet owners end up waiting for veterinary appointments longer than ever before. 

The Best We Can

In a simple example of supply and demand, Covid-19 placed an incredible strain on veterinarians (and support staff) around the country. Over a relatively short period of time, groups of animals requiring veterinary intervention skyrocketed. 

Unfortunately, at the same time that hospital schedules started to fill up, the amount of healthy workers went down. Explained by personal choice or circumstance (like parents that had to stay home when schools closed), this untenable ratio was paired with time-consuming safety protocols necessary to combat the spread of Covid-19.

But It’s Urgent!

Pet owners are advocates for their animals, and over the last year they’ve been forced to beg, plead, and barter for medical attention to their best friend’s illness or injury. This means that pet owners waiting for veterinary appointments may get delayed if they’re simply seeking routine care.

Other Details

In the beginning of the pandemic, pets were getting adopted faster than ever before. This increase of adoptions had an obvious impact on veterinary hospitals as new owners sought wellness care, microchips, spay or neuter procedures, vaccinations, and more. 

Playing Catch-Up

We’ve heard that some pets are just now being seen for wellness exams originally scheduled last spring or summer. Generally speaking, summer creates situations for pets that require immediate veterinary care, such as fights with other animals, car accidents, and falls. Since pets suffering from a grave illness or injury are priorities to veterinarians, wellness visits get delayed.

As a result, pet owners waiting for veterinary appointments may be forced to go to an emergency clinic. This potentially overwhelms an ER (resulting in fewer pets receiving critical care), but causes economic problems for pet owners, too.

The Pivot

Like other reputable veterinary hospitals, we work hard toward retaining our employees and strive to treat everyone like family. This promotes a happy work environment, an effect that trickles down to our clients and patients, and is key to our success. Since it can take a vet tech up to 2 years to finish school, and 8 for veterinarians, hiring replacements isn’t easy or fast. 

Waiting for Veterinary Appointments

We are doing everything possible to stop the spread of Covid-19. Depending on the say, this might mean telemedicine is the right choice. Otherwise, we work hard to ensure our hospital remains a safe place for our patients and visitors. 

We offer curbside appointments. We’ll come to your car to get your pet. We will conduct the examination, run tests, and perform required services without owner participation. Afterwards, we are available to discuss our findings and recommendations with at length over the phone.

We value your trust in our work as your pet’s veterinarian. If you’re waiting for veterinary appointments, but have questions about the process, please contact us