DIY pet gifts make pet-safe holiday gifts

We love DIY pet gifts! They’re fun to make and relatively easy when you have the right supplies/tools. But probably the best thing about making your own pet gifts is that you can customize them based on your best friend’s interests and preferences. Plus, it’s a labor of love to design and create items that you know your pet will enjoy.

Start Now

The best course of action for making your own pet gifts is to start now. Getting this important task out of the way will free up time to actually spend with your pet. Remember, the holidays unfortunately result in a lot of animals being left alone at home. Be sure to maintain your pet’s routine and commit to those daily walks/jogs as well as playtime at home.

The Threads

Some of the best pet gifts are the ones they can wear. We love these ideas:

Like the above examples show, you can simply find a pattern, measure your pet’s dimensions, and repurpose old kids clothing or your very own threads.

Likewise, making dog booties is fun, easy, and when worn by your adventurous pooch, highly effective. This will protect their paws on cold days as well as hot ones when the asphalt or concrete is sizzling next summer.

Cozy Pet Gifts

Why not make them a comfy, supportive pet bed customized to the shape, size, and sleeping habits? We love this DIY cozy pet bed, but there’s so many more options to choose from. For instance, repurposing furniture or objects, like hard-shelled suitcases, can be transformed into something awesome.

The Two T’s

Toys and treats are among the top pet gifts out there. You might decide that because your pet loves to indulge in frozen yum-yum’s, DIY freezer treats are the way to go. Embrace the season with Dog-friendly Christmas bark (carob, not chocolate!) or any of these scrumptious holiday-themed cat treats. Dig in!

As for toys, well, you are only limited by your time and imagination in this department. May we suggest:

DIY pet toys are always fun, but sometimes they don’t stand up to constant attention from a pet. Be sure to remove the toys when you aren’t playing with your pet, and supervise closely when your pet is playing with them.

Need More?

If you’re feeling even more crafty this year, your pet may also really like these wooden eat/drink bowls, but you’ll have to get your wood burning kit out! For any jewelry makers out there, we love this hand-stamped pet tag. Lastly, no holiday season is complete without a Salt Dough Pet Paw Print Ornament.

From all of our veterinarians and staff members at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we wish you and your pet a very happy holiday season. Enjoy!