It does seem like a pet behavior is to watch TV

If you’ve been following our pet care blogs, you know that we have an eye on pet behavior. The health and well-being of our patients is always top of mind, and their behavior is often one of the best clues to their general health.

Prevention of illness and injury is a top priority for Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital. To that end, we want to provide relevant information each month to our readers and clients though our blogs. 

Thank You For Reading Our Pet Care Blog!

Our veterinarians and team extend a heartfelt thanks to you, our clients and readers, for a wonderful year!

Our goal is to encourage understanding of pet health and highlight top priorities of pet safety and wellness. We have had a great time with our pet care blog this year, and so, without further ado, we are sharing the top 5 blogs of 2019. We hope you enjoy!

5. All About Mange in Pets
You may know the term “mangy mutt”, but do you really know what mange is? There are many reasons for itchy skin, hair loss, and other dermatological problems in our animal friends. Learn all about mange in pets and how to know when this diagnosis is the culprit. Keep reading…

4. The Curious Cat: Answers to Your Most Pressing Cat Questions
Have you ever found yourself observing your cat’s behavior and wondering why they do some of the odd things they do? We’re right there with you! Cats have their idiosyncrasies – just like other animals and people – but some of these curiosities are unique to felines. Meow?

3. Caring for a Mother Cat and Her Newborn Kittens
If you’re expecting a litter of kittens, congratulations! Newborn kittens are quite possibly the sweetest, cutest little bundles of joy around, but that doesn’t mean you can sit idly by oohing and ahhing. Your queen, or pregnant mother cat, deserves your full attention during this special, yet nerve-wracking time. Read more…

2. Beat Boredom with These 8 Fun and Interesting Hobbies for Pet Owners
Even the mellowest pet needs interesting things to do to stay happy and healthy. You can help your sweet pet indulge their natural instincts in ways that are safe and fun for both of you by participating in one of many exciting hobbies for pet owners. Continue…

1. Multilingual Mutts: The Pros and Cons of Teaching Foreign Language Dog Commands
All dog owners know their pups are smart and, for many, it seems like their dog really can understand what they’re saying. Although this idea isn’t accurate, animals can associate certain words with behaviors and/or consequences (e.g., “sit,” “walk,” and “no”). Keep reading…

An Eye To The Future

Wrapping up the year always brings reflection, but also looking forward to a new year and all that is to come. If you have suggestions for blog topics for the coming year, please give us a call or let us know when you visit next. 

We hope that 2020 is full of good health for your pet companion, and we look forward to seeing your pet family soon!