Barking dogs can be bad for the neighborhood.

With the winter holidays just about over, our thoughts turn to the coming year. Where will we focus our energy and time? What can we improve upon from last year? What are our long term goals for ourselves and our families? These and other important questions abound, such as, how will we help our pets to feel their best?

One way we can help with that last question is through our pet care blog. Writing and publishing this blog is our pleasure, and hopefully gives San Antonio pet owners some informative tips on pet health and well-being, pet safety, and just a dose of occasional fun and silliness.

We’re looking back, as well as forward, to share with you our most popular blog posts of 2018. So without further ado, here are Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital’s top 5 veterinary blogs of 2018.

Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital’s Top 5 Veterinary Blogs of 2018

#5: The Importance of Pet Vaccinations
Vaccinations have garnered a lot of media attention lately, and there is quite a bit of misinformation being driven by the negative attention. Because of this, there is an array of general misconceptions among pet owners about whether or not certain pet vaccinations are necessary, or whether vaccinations compromise the health of their pet. Unfortunately, this kind of misinformation can create health risks for unvaccinated pets. Read more…

#4: The Curious Cat: Answers to Your Most Pressing Cat Questions
Have you ever found yourself observing your cat’s behavior and wondering why they do some of the odd things they do? We’re right there with you! Cats have their idiosyncrasies – just like other animals and people – but some of these curiosities are unique to felines. Keep reading…

Senior pet care is important to senior pet health.

#3: The Pros and Cons of Common Dog Toys
It’s safe to say that most dogs love a good toy. Whether they’re playing with you or keeping themselves occupied, dogs love to tug, squeak, chew, fetch, and cuddle their favorite play things. Not only do good dog toys serve to keep your pet active, but they can serve as a wonderful alternative to treats when it comes to rewards for good behavior and devoted companionship. Read on!

#2: Beat Boredom with These 8 Fun and Interesting Hobbies for Pet Owners
It may be hard to imagine that the squishy pug napping on your sofa is descended from wolves, or that the timid tabby cleaning herself by the window shares DNA with lions, tigers, and other large and exotic cats. Our pets enjoy safe and comfortable lives, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel the call of the wild from time to time, thanks to the lineage they share with these wild and majestic creatures. Read more…

#1:All About Mange in Pets
You may know the term “mangy mutt”, but do you really know what mange is? There are many reasons for itchy skin, hair loss, and other dermatological problems in our animal friends. Learn all about mange in pets and how to know when this diagnosis is the culprit. Continue reading…

Hats Off To You!

As always, we are extremely grateful for you, our clients, and your pets. We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 5 most popular blogs of 2018, and we look forward to seeing you and your pets in the coming year. If there is a topic we missed, please reach out to us and let us know, and we’ll be sure to include it in a future post. From our family to yours, Happy New Year!