Doggie Destinations: Best Places to Live with Dogs

Portrait of a dogNo matter if you enjoy the bright lights and fast-pace of a city or the bucolic splendor of a small community, you’ll want to live somewhere that welcomes your furry companion.

As more and more communities embrace our four-legged friends, dog owners are finding it easier than ever to include their pets in their daily activities. Below are some of the best communities around the country to live with dogs.

10 Best Communities to Live with Dogs

  1. Portland, Oregon – With more dog parks per capita than any other city in the nation, Portland isn’t just a hipster’s paradise; it’s also an awesome place for dogs and their owners. Portland has numerous paw-friendly cafes and beautiful outdoor hangouts (and did we mention it’s legal to take your dog to the pub?!).
  2. San Diego, California – With plenty of perfect beaches and year-round mild weather, San Diego is a great dog city that encourages everyone to get outside! Oh, and it’s also the dog surfing capital of the world!
  3. Key West, Florida – Another cool beach town, Key West is a beautiful community with a colorful take on life. There are several dog hot spots, including beachfront rentals. You can even enjoy slashing the days away with your fur bestie at Key West Dog Beach.
  4. Boston, Massachusetts – With so many interesting attractions, it’s simply an added bonus that many of Boston’s historic sights are pedestrian friendly. This city is perfect for dogs who enjoy strolling the olde towne neighborhoods of a New England favorite.  
  5. Denver, Colorado – Although Denver doesn’t have many dog parks for a city of its size, it makes up for this by being one of the more outdoorsy urban areas in the west. From snowshoeing to biking, dog owners can be found just about everywhere, enjoying the great outdoors with their dogs.
  6. Bar Harbor, Maine – While oohing and ahhing over the autumn leaves, dog owners can also embark on over 165 miles of dog-friendly trails in Acadia National Park. If you love watching whales, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a few tour companies (such as this one) that allow pets on their tour cruises.
  7. Seattle, Washington – Dog parent is right! Did you know Seattle has more pet dogs than children? It also keeps traveling pet-friendly by making all forms of public transit open to canine riders. With more than 30 canine-themed Meetup groups, Seattle is a great city to meet other dog lovers as well.
  8. Minneapolis, Minnesota – With plenty of dog-friendly restaurants and canine-centric businesses, Minneapolis clearly loves its dog residents. It’s apparent just by walking down the city streets – dog pals are everywhere! There’s also an abundance of beautiful trails and parks.
  9. Omaha, Nebraska – This cool little artsy community in the nation’s Bread Basket has plenty when it comes to dogs and their owners. This city offers several paw pal businesses and dog parks and is host to the annual Omaha Canine Carnival.
  10. San Antonio, Texas – OK, we might be a little biased, but San Antonio loves its pets and has many great areas that are perfect for evening dog walks (including the lovely River Walk). If you’re hungry, we have you and your pet covered with one of our dozens of dog-welcoming restaurants.

Don’t forget, if you plan on traveling with your dog, please contact Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital to ensure all of your pet’s vaccinations are current.

Also feel free to share your own favorite dog-friendly destinations with us!

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