We Love Our Vet Techs!

Copy of iStock_000018801259_Medium (1)When you bring your pet to the vet, be it for a wellness exam or the urgent treatment of an immediate condition, you know that Fluffy or Fido will be in good hands. Most often (we hope), this is because of the care and devotion that our staff displays every day. Each member of our veterinary staff plays an important part in serving our pets’ needs, and our veterinary technicians are no exception.

National Veterinary Technician Week, which takes place October 13–17, gives pet owners (and veterinarians) the chance to recognize and thank those individuals that contribute to your pets’ health and well-being. Even though we acknowledge the dedication that vet techs display on a daily basis as they care for and treat our pets, National Veterinary Technician Week provides us with the opportunity to honor our vet techs’ ongoing commitment to animal welfare.

Veterinary technicians work hard each and every day to ensure that your pets are well cared for when they come in for an exam, surgery, vaccination, or emergency. They play a vital role in most veterinary hospitals, including our own, by performing a number of different tasks that are necessary to the overall operation of the facility.

Many times, the day to day activities of veterinary technicians go unappreciated, but a veterinary technician’s duties are never done, and include such essential responsibilities as:

  • Performing laboratory analyses
  • Taking X-rays
  • Providing nursing services for sick and postoperative pets
  • Helping with anesthesia before and during surgery
  • Aiding in diagnosing diseases
  • Answering incoming phone calls
  • Greeting clients and their pets
  • Assisting in surgeries

As highly trained and educated individuals, vet techs contribute immensely to the quality of care that the veterinary staff provides to our pets. Vet techs are educated and licensed in the field, and are expected to remain current with new discoveries, technologies, and treatment techniques as a part of their continuing education, in order to provide exceptional care for our pets.

A veterinary technician’s commitment to pet health never stops, and that is made obvious by the amount of time and effort that each vet tech dedicates to understanding and treating pets of all shapes and sizes. Take the opportunity to stop by our veterinary hospital October 12-18 to thank our veterinary technicians for all of their hard work and dedication.

Thank you, vet tecs, for all you do!

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