Owning a pet can improve your health

At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we’re lucky enough to be around pets all day. They never fail to make us laugh, give tons of cuddles, and wow us with their funny personalities. But we wanted to dig in deeper, to some of the reasons why we feel owning a pet makes you a better person.

Most pet owners know instinctively that having your dog meet you at the door or your cat jump up on your lap makes you happier. Their unconditional love is a true gift, and one that most of us don’t take for granted.

Unconditional Love

It’s easy to feel the mood boost we all feel when we come home after a long day to our pets. This human-animal bond is something we all know, and can maybe even explain. And studies show that pet ownership is good for our emotional, mental and even physical health. But can owning a pet actually make you a better person? We say, a resounding yes!

How Owning a Pet Makes You A Better Person

Here are our top 5 ways owning a pet makes your a better person.

Responsibility – Yes, picking up after your dog is not exactly fun. But taking responsibility for another living being can boost your self confidence and encourage you to take on more responsibility.

Communication – Pets definitely communicate, but they of course don’t use language to do so. Learning how pets communicate can help you learn how to communicate in non-verbal ways, such as by touch or gesture. This also helps you understand how your body language is received by other people in your life.

Affection – The unconditional love your receive from your pets transfers to an ability to show affection for others. This in turn can improve your relationships – everyone likes being treated with affection!

Fun factor – Let’s face it, no one knows how to have fun like a dog! Their fun loving natures are often infectious. And, getting your dog out is a great way to explore new ways to have fun, too.

Patience – Pets require patience, whether with training, litter box accidents, or by making sure they get the care they need when they’re sick. Ultimately, we want to help our pets be well and happy, and this builds empathy and patience in us, too.

We could go on and on about all the ways owning a pet makes you a better person. But we bet you have some great reasons, too! Give us a call and let us know your top choices.