dog standing on travel crate.

Now, more than ever before, pets are welcome to accompany their owners on shopping trips, at restaurants (with outdoor patios), and at hotels. Despite the veritable welcome mat, it’s not always easy on pets to travel or stay away from home. It’s very far from their comfort zone and this stress can negatively impact the entire endeavor. 

Whether you’re traveling for fun or work, it might make sense to leave your pet behind. This could mean hiring a pet sitter, but at Leon Valley Vet Kennel, your pet is our priority.

Kennel Vs. Pet Sitter

There are many benefits to hiring a pet sitter. For starters, some sitters will come to your home ensuring that your pet maintains their security, routine, and comfort. Depending on your pet’s needs, you can hire them to come by throughout the day or invite them to sleep there. This situation also involves elements of housesitting, such as taking out trash, getting the mail, and watering the plants. 

Consider All Angles

Some pet sitters are set up to welcome pets in their own homes. This can be extremely fun for some pets, especially if they are highly social and open to new environments and friends. Often, there are other animal guests, various household family members or friends, and different stimuli than what an individual pet may be accustomed to. This can have a great outcome, but may not be for pets that are shy in nature, nervous, and susceptible to stress or anxiety.

Certain Drawbacks

Unfortunately, not all pet sitters are licensed or certified. They might love pets and see pet sitting as a way to earn extra cash, but unless you personally know a pet sitter (or have a great reference from someone you trust) this may not deliver peace of mind.

Additionally, it is critical to imagine circumstances that could unfold in this person’s care. What happens in the case of an emergency

Should I Board My Pet?

We know how stressful it can be to leave your pet behind. At Leon Valley Vet Kennel, we take your pet’s health, comfort, and happiness seriously. Not only are we highly experienced in meeting the needs of our guests, but if they need medical help in your absence we can intervene immediately to get them back on the path of wellness. 

Additionally, our vet boarding staff can safely administer medication to medically complex pets, a service not typically provided by regular boarding facilities or pet sitters (especially if they are untrained). 

Adding Value to Their Stay

If you need more convincing that vet boarding is the best option, please consider that , we can also schedule dental cleanings, nail trims, and wellness exams during your pet’s stay with us. 

Our staff loves to spend time with our guests in our boarding suites. If you’d like to come by and see firsthand how we provide for our guests while their owners are away please call us at (210) 681‑1391.