pet care goals

No matter how great we are at something, there’s always room for improvement. The New Year brings with it a sense of promise and possibility, and for pet owners, it’s the perfect time to reassess. If you don’t already have some pet care goals for the New Year, we are happy to help you get started. After all, it’s all for the greater good!

The Broad Strokes

One of the best ways to orient yourself toward establishing and meeting pet goals is to schedule a wellness exam. If it’s been a little while since we’ve seen your pet, we would be so happy to welcome them back. We can check and compare their weight, appearance, growth, and development to track where they’ve been and where they’re headed. 

Since pet obesity rates are increasing each year, it may be necessary to address any changes in your pet’s weight. We can also discuss their diet and nutritional needs, portion sizes, lifestyle, and exercise opportunities. If they need to lose a few pounds, we can help you establish a plan for gradual weight loss.

Some of your pet care goals in 2023 could include increased walking time, fewer treats, and providing a healthier diet for your pet. 

Is It Time to Brush?

One of the most common pet care goals is to, perhaps finally, start a dental care routine at home. We know of many pet owners who have the tools, such as a specially-designed pet toothbrush and various pet-only toothpastes, but not a lot of follow-through. Don’t worry! All it takes is setting an appointment reminder on your phone to remember that it’s “brush-teeth time.” Make it a fun experience for them and give them lots of praise for participating in something that’s for their own good. 

New Year, New Friends

Many pets are starved for fun and adventure, and the New Year is a great time to create meaningful memories for them. Plan a trip together, provided they are willing and healthy enough, and crank up the good times. While road trips can be exhilarating, they must include a fairly strict schedule of meal times, bathroom breaks, and exercise times. Also, be prepared for motion sickness, anxiety, possible emergencies. 

Realistic Pet Care Goals

If your pet can qualify for pet insurance, now could be the right time to shop for plans. As our pets age, the risk of developing an illness or injury increases. With the right plan, you might not have to worry about whether you can afford groceries or emergency veterinary care
If you have questions or concerns about creating a list of pet care goals in the new year, please reach out to us at (210) 681-1391. We are always happy to help you at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital!