Woman pet sitting and playing with dog.

If you’re planning a vacation and don’t get to bring your cats or dogs along, you’ll need someone to care for them while you’re gone. Leaving your precious pet with people you don’t know can be nerve wracking. Should you start interviewing pet sitters or consider pet boarding? Let’s explore the benefits of both. 

Pet Sitters vs. Pet Boarding

Before we dig too deep into the benefits of pet boarding vs. the benefits of hiring a pet sitter, we want to emphasize that trust is the most important factor to consider. If you decide to board your dog or cat, look for a facility that requires proof of immunizations, gets your pets out for regular exercise, and can provide veterinary care if needed.

A pet sitter should be a trusted person with experience caring for dogs and cats. Your pet sitter should be willing and able to give your pet the chance to exercise, feed them meals at the appropriate times, provide fresh water daily, and drive them to an animal hospital in case of an emergency

The Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter

The biggest benefit of hiring a pet sitter is that your dog doesn’t have to leave the comfort of home while you’re away. This can be particularly beneficial for pets that experience separation anxiety. Your pet sitter can give them the human connection they need while also making sure their needs are met. 

A pet sitter may also be willing to take care of the rest of your house while you’re away, helping with watering house plants, picking up dog poop, and doing light cleaning. However, pet sitters can get expensive, especially if you’ll be gone more than a week. 

The Benefits of Pet Boarding 

A high-quality pet boarding facility can give your pet more than just basic care. From playtime with other animals to grooming to veterinary care, boarding facilities can be like a retreat for your cat or dog. One downside is that your pet gets less one-on-one attention when they stay at a boarding facility because there are several dogs to care for. However, this is part of why boarding facilities are more budget-friendly than pet sitters. 

We offer high-quality pet boarding at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital. Our cozy facility is staffed by our veterinary team. They take each pet for at least two walks a day and shower them with one-on-one attention. If your pet needs a routine wellness check or dental cleaning while you’re gone, we can schedule that in during the boarding session. 

Pets who stay for over seven days will get a free bath before they go home. Additionally, we welcome medically complex pets who require nursing care during their stay. Contact our team at (210) 681-1391 to learn more about our boarding service. If you choose to hire a pet sitter, we’d be happy to schedule your pet in for a wellness exam before you head out of town.