Pet-safe Super Bowl party.

Super Bowl parties are typically full of loud noises, lots of people, and lots of tempting food. While fun for humans, they can be a stressful and hazardous environment for your pets. Even for pets who enjoy spending time around lots of people, too much excitement can be nerve-racking and cause anxiety. For pet owners looking to throw a party, the team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital has put together these pet safety Super Bowl party tips. 

Plan and Prep

Before the guests arrive, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need to keep your pets safe and calm during the event. 

Exercise beforehand: Help tire your pet out before the party, so they are more prone to resting during the excitement. Take your dog for a walk, or play with your pet’s favorite toy to expend some energy. 

Outside Time: If your pet will be cooped up in the house during the party, take them outside before guests arrive. This gives your dog a chance to go potty outside before your house is filled with guests who may be coming and going through the door. Some shy pets are resistant to doing their business when they feel stressed, so take care of this before the party. This prevents your pets from going in the house or holding it for too long, which can result in bladder infections or major discomfort. 

Microchip Your Pet: Make sure your pet is microchipped, and the information is up-to-date. In the event that your pet accidentally gets out the front door, the chances of reuniting with them are much higher if they are microchipped! 

During the Party 

Follow these tips to keep your pet safe during the Super Bowl party: 

Give your pets space: Create a safe haven for your pets to hang out in during the party, since some pets may suffer from noise anxiety. Put them in a separate room away from all the noise and action, so they can relax as much as possible. Provide them with their bed, blankets, toys, and anything else that would keep them comfortable. Even if your pet enjoys being social, they may seek out a private place to relax when they are feeling overwhelmed. 

Watch out for the party food: During the party, make sure food and drinks are out of reach from any wandering pets. Many popular game day foods, such as chicken wings, can be extremely hazardous to pets. Chicken wings pose a choking hazard, and other food can contain ingredients that are toxic to pets. While some food will simply cause an upset stomach, other ingredients can cause a pet poisoning. The same thing applies to beverages, such as alcohol and caffeine. 

Secure your trash: While you are focusing on the big game, your dog or cat may be sniffing around the garbage for discarded snacks. To prevent them from ingesting anything dangerous (or just creating a mess!) keep your trash secured and out of reach from paws and claws. 

Emergency plan: Super Bowl parties can be filled with fun, but they can also get rowdy. In the case of a pet emergency, make sure to have a designated driver who can take your pet to the vet. Also, establish the nearest emergency veterinarian that is open ahead of time.

It is possible to have a fun and pet-safe Super Bowl party! If somebody gets hurt or has an upset tummy, be sure to call for help right away. The Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital staff is here for you and your pet’s health care needs at (210) 681-1391. If you have an emergency after hours, call the emergency contact numbers on our website.