Destructive Cat Behavior Is Frustrating, but It Doesn’t Have to Last Forever

A grey cat engaged in some destructive behavior.
Destructive cat behavior can be a sign that your feline friend needs physical and mental stimulation.

Cats with access to the great outdoors may have more feline fun, but this freedom can come at a high price. The potential for serious falls, car accidents, and fights with other animals leads many owners to keep their fluffy buddies strictly indoors. Many cats are content to hang around the house, but depend on their indoor environment to keep them busy, engaged and entertained. However, without daily physical and mental stimulation, owners can possibly expect some destructive cat behavior.


The Crate Is Great: The Benefits of Crate Training Your Cat

Leon_iStock_000007543673_LargeIf your cat could talk, would he or she expound on the virtues of the travel carrier, or, when asked about it, would you simply see your cat’s tail cut through a cloud of dust kicked up by speedy, get-a-way paws? You cat may absolutely hate the crate, but with a healthy combination of time, patience, and gentle persuasion, he or she can learn to appreciate it and may even want to hang out there.

The Crate Debate

Crate training your cat may seem downright impossible, especially if you’ve ever had to force your feline into his or her travel kennel in order to make a trip in the car. Continue…