Keeping Outdoor Cats Safe & Warm

Winter outdoor cat safety.

Whether they are stray or just indoor/outdoor cats, felines are pretty independent in most cases. When the temperatures start to drop in the winter, however, some of these outdoor cats might need a little help to stay warm and avoid issues like frostbite and hypothermia, both of which can be deadly. 


Treating Diabetes in Cats

Diabetes in cats.

Diabetes affects many cats (most of them are older, but even young felines can deal with this disease). Being able to recognize the early symptoms of diabetes in cats is one of the best ways to start managing it early. At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we want your cat to have access to effective treatment options for diabetes.


To, Fro, or No Go? Convince Your Feline that Cat Wellness Exams are Worth the Trip

Cute little tabby kitten sitting in a travel crateA majority of cat owners forgo their feline’s annual or twice yearly examination for many reasons, but perhaps the most popular is a perception of a completely healthy cat. Sometimes this is accurate, but accepting an animal’s wellness on the surface level can be extremely detrimental. This, coupled with a feline’s general loathing of travel, can make staying home look awfully attractive.

What if we told you there are reliable tricks to help your cat accept the carrier, car, and time away from home? Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital has you covered. Continue…