Ear Mites and Other Things You May Find in Pet Ears

Cleaning your pet’s ears periodically is a part of good pet hygiene and is also a great way to be sure that you are picking up on problems as quickly as possible.

When performing this maintenance task, you may run across a few things you need to know more about. Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital wants you to know what to do with what you might find in pet ears. 


Pet Ear Health & Cleaning Tips That Get the Job Done

The ways we introduce sights, sounds and sensations to our pets sets the tone for any future experiences. If first encounters are generally perceived as positive you’ll have fewer uphill battles when it comes to convincing them that everything is A-OK later down the line.

For grooming and pet ear health, this is especially true. Many pets are utterly resistant to being handled in this way, but given the chance to learn that it’s not painful – and maybe even worth it in the end – they can learn to accept it.