Jump On the Bandwagon with These Amazing DIY Pet Gifts

DIY pet gifts make pet-safe holiday gifts

We love DIY pet gifts! They’re fun to make and relatively easy when you have the right supplies/tools. But probably the best thing about making your own pet gifts is that you can customize them based on your best friend’s interests and preferences. Plus, it’s a labor of love to design and create items that you know your pet will enjoy.


A Jump Start on DIY Pet Gifts

Cat in tailor work shopWhether your pets have been naughty or nice this year, they still deserve a little something during the holidays. While gift giving isn’t exactly reciprocal between our species (unless you count rodent trophies, super slobbery kisses, or weekend wake-up calls as “gifts”), but that doesn’t mean your pet won’t be smitten by our sweet, simple DIY pet gifts.

Since we’re ahead of schedule, there are no excuses to not give, give, give!