Figuring Out Why Dogs Lick

Why Dogs LickAre you afraid to sit too low to the ground for fear you’ll feel your dog’s eager tongue? Dogs lick their owners for many reasons, but of course, the number one reason is because they love you. It’s a sign of affection, but there are nuances to the licking.

If you’ve ever wondered why dogs lick, stay tuned. You’ve come to Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital for answers, and we’re ready to deliver!


Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

dog follow meIf you own a dog, the old song “Me and My Shadow” probably comes to mind. Dogs are true companions who are always happy to be near us wherever we may be (unfortunately, even in the bathroom). While at first, this constant companionship may be endearing, in some cases, it may become problematic or indicate boredom in your pet.

If you find yourself asking “why does my dog follow me?” don’t worry – this is something we get asked a lot. To determine the reasons behind this quirky behavior, the team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital offers the following explanations.


Dog Quirks – Why Does My Dog Do That?

Leon_iStock_000001301184_LargeThe in-laws are visiting, maybe your boss is over for dinner, or maybe you’re hosting a football party and, without warning, your dog chooses that specific moment to emerge from behind a wall as though stepping onto stage. Looking around the room, almost building the suspense, he drops his rear-end with a loud pronounced “thud” then proceeds to drag it across your living room floor with the tenacity only your dog has.

These kind of dog quirks may be what give your dog its personality, whether they are leftover instincts from a wilder time or an indicator of various conditions may just depend on the acts themselves. Read more below for specifics on these sometimes humorous or embarrassing activities or quirks. Continue…