Dental Disease in Cats and Your Role as a Pet Owner

Cat with no dental disease.

While cats may be known for liking fish, that doesn’t mean that their breath needs to smell like a can of tuna. Dental disease in cats is a real problem and Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital wants you as a pet owner to be aware and ready to help.


Chomping Out Dental Disease in Dogs

Dog with healthy teeth.

In veterinary medicine, dental disease in our patients is a problem that is often overlooked or downplayed by pet owners. Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital sees first-hand every day, though, how dental disease in dogs affects pets. Learn what you need to know as a pet owner. 


4 Stages of Dental Disease In Pets

Dentl disease, also called periodontal disease, is one of the most common conditions affecting our pets. In fact, the American Veterinary Dental College estimates that by the time pets are 3 years of age, over 85% of them have some form of dental disease.

Most pet owners have a difficult time knowing when dental disease is a problem affecting their own pet. After all, who wants to look in a pet’s mouth, what with all those fangs? And, pets are very good at hiding signs of pain and discomfort, even from their closest people.

But dental disease in pets is painful for them, make no mistake. And if left untreated, it can cause pain, infection in the mouth, tooth loss, and even damage vital organs such as the liver, heart and kidneys.

Since we all love our pets and want to do the best we can to provide them with a long and happy life. By placing the spotlight on dental disease in pets, and what pet owners can do to prevent and treat this painful condition.