When A Good Walk Goes Bad: The Dangers Of Retractable Leashes

Retractable leashes are popular but do have some safety issues that you should be aware of. If you’ve never seen a dog being walked on a retractable leash you might very well be living in a cave or under a rock. These wildly popular leashes aren’t really leashes at all, rather they consist of a cord which is wrapped around a spring loaded device and contained inside a plastic handle. A button on the handle allows the walker to control the amount of leash that extends out, allowing a dog to walk as far or as close as their human chooses.

While this may sound like great fun and freedom for both dog and walker, retractable leashes pose significant risk to the health and safety of both the dog and human who uses it.


Who Says Mother’s Day Isn’t for Pet Moms, Too?

pet momsAs far as unconditional love, compassion, and dedication go, pet moms are pretty hard to beat. They don’t raise a fuss if Fluffy’s got a hairball at 3 a.m. or feel slighted when Fido needs a foxtail removed. At the end of the day, if their fur babies are safe, healthy, and happy, pet moms can enjoy the sleep of the truly satisfied, hard-working, and devoted.

For these reasons (and many more!), we think it’s high time that all pet moms join the ranks of other matriarchs this – and every – Mother’s Day.


Celebrating Earth Day as an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

Pretty puppy border collieAs Kermit once lamented, “It’s not easy being green.” Many of us drive cars, collect plastic bags by the thousands, and occasionally don’t scoop the poop (cringe). However, being an eco-friendly pet owner can be a lot easier by making a few simple choices. Continue…

Pet Adoption: Saving Lives One Animal at a Time

iStock_000024726165_MediumSo you’ve made the big decision to become a pet owner. For many of us, nothing is more rewarding than owning a pet and being a responsible participant in ensuring your faithful companion remains healthy and happy, except maybe taking that extra step to adopt your pooch or kitty from a shelter.

Shelter pets need loving homes, sometimes more so than those you see in the pet shop window or for sale by a breeder. As October is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month, there is no better time to acknowledge the importance of adoption, or bask in the enjoyment of giving an adoring and deserving animal a forever home and family.

Once you’ve made the decision to welcome a shelter pet into your life, you will need to make some choices on the type of dog or cat you will be bringing home. Continue…