Keeping Pets Safe from Dangerous Decorating Trends

A black cat sits precariously upon a potentially dangerous decoration against a green wall.

By now, most of us are aware of the many risks to our pets associated with traditional home decor, but did you know that many of the latest decorating trends can also put pets at risk? 

From macrame to decorative grasses and succulents, home decor is trending in some dangerous directions, at least where our pets are concerned. Our team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital is here to provide some guidance.


From Festivals to Fairs: Keeping Your Pet Safe in Public Gatherings

pet safe in publicLarge-scale events typically do not allow pets (except service animals) – and for good reason. It’s hard enough to keep a pet safe in public on a normal day of the week, but adding potentially dangerous foods, uncomfortable weather conditions, and loud, jarring noises to the mix could be a recipe for disaster. Sure, certain life experiences are enhanced through the company of a four-legged best friend, but sometimes, it’s safer to just leave a pet at home.