Home Alone: Should You Hire a Pet Sitter or Board Your Pet?

A small dog getting ready to go to the pet boarding facility in a dog carrier.

No matter what, it is always tough to leave our favorite furry loves behind when we travel. In many cases, though, it is much less stress for your pet to not be a part of holiday chaos. If you are wondering whether you should hire a sitter or board your pet, we are here to help!

There are many reasons for either option, and it depends on your pet’s individual needs. Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital offers some things to consider before making the decision.


The Hostess with the Mostest: Creating a Great Pet Sitting Experience

Smiling dog walker dropping off a dog to its female ownerFrom vacations to holidays, many of us are on the go through the summer months, so there is a good chance pet sitting will be required. While some pet owners appreciate the accessibility, social opportunities, and attention received in boarding, others may choose to hire a professional pet sitter.

In-home pet sitting can be a great option for pets who do not do well with travel or boarding due to behavioral challenges, old age, or simply that is less stressful for some pets to remain in the home. In-home pet sitting also adds the advantage of having the house occupied while you are away.

Whether you are a newbie to these services or a jet-setter who relies on a pet sitter for the care of a fur friend, here are some tips for creating a good experience for all. Continue…