Does My Dog Suffer From Anxiety?

An anxious dog sits on a chair he ripped up.

May 2-8 is Dog Anxiety Awareness Week, and the team at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital wants to help you recognize signs of anxiety in canines so you can help to ease it when it occurs. Keep reading to find out if your dog is suffering from anxiety and how you can help them feel calmer and happier on a daily basis.


Pet Insurance: Weighing the Costs and Benefits

pet insuranceFor most of us, the idea of going without health insurance is unsettling, as we can expect to have situations in our lives that require medical attention. While these aren’t pleasant to consider, we know that health insurance helps cover unexpected medical costs and ongoing preventive care.

As our pets continue to experience increased longevity and a higher quality of life, pet insurance is becoming more and more appealing. Insurance not only allows pet owners to have more control over their pet’s medical needs, it also improves the annual care required to prevent diseases.


Pancreatitis in Pets

Leon_iStock_000020022269_Large.jpgIndulgences in some forbidden people food, antibiotics, and obesity are all possible causes of pancreatitis in pets. Pancreatitis is defined as an infection of the pancreas and can cause serious health repercussions.

The function of the pancreas in animals, is like that of the human organs, it produces enzymes and insulin. Pancreatitis in pets should be noticed as soon as possible, and treatment given, when any of the following symptoms are noticed. Continue…

Baseline of Health, Wellness Care, and Pet Disease Prevention

Cat at veterinarianChances are when you go to see your physician, basic baseline information gathering, such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and weight, are a part of your physical examination. This information can act as a baseline or your normal state of health, which in turn can alert your doctor to any changes. This same idea is applied when it comes to pet disease prevention and overall wellness.

At home, many pet owners also make note of their pets’ daily health status. Pet owners are often the first to notice subtle changes in appetite, behavior, and general energy level. This body of information, collectively, helps to form a baseline of health for pets which, when communicated with your pet’s veterinarian, can be useful in diagnosis. Continue…

Benefits Of Spaying and Neutering Your Pets

Xtra_iStock_000038703262_LargeThere are so many myths and anecdotes about getting the family pet fixed that it can be challenging to find the real facts. Besides the most obvious bonus of not having a surprise litter of puppies or kittens on your hands, there are other stressors of having an unfixed animal that can be avoided by this simple surgery, too. The truth is that spaying and neutering can have many medical and behavioral benefits.

As a responsible pet owner you want to do all you can to help not only your own animal but the animal population as a whole. Since millions of homeless dogs and cats are killed in shelters across the country every year, spaying or neutering your pet prevents unwanted litters and reduces the homeless pet population; which is always a good thing.

If you’re on the fence about spaying or neutering your pet, here are a few proven reasons it can be a good idea. Continue…

Pet Dental Care & the Importance of Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

WestPark - Leon_iStock_000031982520_LargeBrushing your pet’s teeth is probably right up there with changing your car’s oil. You can do it, but you really don’t want to. Unfortunately, without consistent dental care your pet’s mouth can harbor bacteria and decay; which cannot only be painful, but even dangerous to overall health. Continue…

More Than Holiday Weight: Pet Obesity and Nutrition

Leon_iStock_000032845548_LargePossibly one of the most staggering statistics we’ve seen lately states that over half of all our nation’s cats and dogs. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 54% of all American cats and dogs are considered overweight or obese. What does this mean for your pet?

There is a great deal you can do now if your pet is tipping the scale and, by actively participating in your pet’s optimal balance of nutrition and exercise, your pet may live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life. Continue…

Getting The Most Out Of Your Pet’s Vet Appointment

cat at veterinarianWe truly enjoy seeing all of our pet patients, and always want the best possible outcome for them – whether it is regarding general wellness or critical care. At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we strive to deliver excellent customer service to our clients and superb care to their pets, and hope we meet (if not exceed) those expectations.

However, sometimes we need help from pet owners during appointments to make sure that all the needs of the animal are addressed. We love to answer pet owner’s questions and, in preparation for your pet’s next visit to see us, we suggest bringing some notes and questions to help us serve your pet in the best possible way. Continue…

Why Wellness Care Matters in the Life of Your Pet

GirlAndDog2With tough economic times still impacting many family budgets, there can be a tendency to wait until emergency situations occur in our pet’s health before seeking veterinary care. However, foregoing routine examinations, vaccinations, and testing can diminish the quality of life for our pet, and end up costing much more in the long run.

Just like our own annual physicals and tests that are vital to diagnosing and preventing the onset of disease, our pets benefit from the same type of preventative care. At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, our wellness plans focus on every facet of health in your pet’s life, including behavioral, physiological, and age-related needs.

Wellness plans also include those important examinations that provide a baseline of information to be used as your pet ages. Consistent veterinary care and comprehensive testing are incredibly helpful in determining underlying health issues and increasing longevity. Continue…