The Nutty Mutt: Dogs and Nuts

Most of us know that peanuts and other nuts are something that we need to be careful with around our fellow humans, but what about dogs? Are things like peanut butter safe for your pet? What precautions should you take if giving your pet nut products? 

Dogs and nuts can make a great partnership, but at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital we want you to know how to pamper your pooch safely.

The Thing About Dogs and Nuts

Nuts can make a terrific and tasty treat for your pet. The majority of nuts are safe for pets and nut allergies are uncommon.

There are a few exceptions, however, such as macadamia nuts, which can result in vomiting, fever, tremors, high heart rates, and incoordination when consumed in large quantities. Less common nuts such as English walnuts, ginkgo nuts, and horse chestnuts should also be avoided.


Our Two Favorite Things: Pizza and Pets

Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital is pretty sure that when it comes to the most enjoyable things in life, pizza and pets top the list. But do they go together? We would like to think so, but there are some things to take into consideration.

Anatomy of a Pizza

Baked dough, cheese, and delicious toppings  – what could be better than pizza? Our pets most likely agree, but pizza is not necessarily totally benign when it comes to our animal friends. 

When it comes to pizza and pets there are definitely some things to think about.

Breaking it down into its mouthwatering little parts, consider:


Preventing a Thanksgiving Pet Emergency

iStock_000023729783_MediumIf you are like us, you have a long holiday to-do list looming in front of you. You may have special events to attend and, if you are hosting, lots of food and decorations to attend to.

While adding one more thing to your list may seem untenable, when it comes to your pet’s safety this Thanksgiving, emergencies can be prevented if you plan ahead. Let’s accomplish this task together by committing to the Thanksgiving basics we’ve listed for your success. Continue…

Pets and People Food: What You Can and Can’t Feed Your Pets

iStock_000033762572_SmallYou know the scene, you’ve just sat down at dinner, opened a fresh package of cheese, or cracked a can of tuna and there’s your pet… Looking up at you with those soulful eyes, head cocked, maybe a paw curled up or an inquisitive mew… Sometimes it’s hard to say no.

As difficult as it is to deny your pet the foods you eat, it is important to know which people foods are safe for your four-legged friend, and which aren’t. So before you let Fluffy or Fido snarffle down your leftover breakfast burrito or share your ice cream, read up on what’s what when it comes to pets and people food.


Pets and People Food: Healthy and Delicious

Here are some healthy food options to enhance your pet’s diet. Keep in mind, these foods are not suggested as a meal replacement. And remember, those extra calories do add up Continue…