Wellness Care: Nurturing Your Pet’s Health at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital

pet wellness.

Every pet enjoys several distinct life stages. From puppy or kittenhood all the way to their golden senior years, there are numerous goals within each life stage that are instrumental toward achieving optimal health and wellness. It isn’t always easy, clear, or straightforward, but responsible pet ownership is a challenging endeavor with limitless rewards. And the best part? We’re here for your pet at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital every step of the way!


Importance Of Senior Pet Care

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Every pet ages a little differently. Some might not show any signs of slowing down until well beyond their 10th birthday; others have a gray muzzle by age 6. Their breed, health history, and lifestyle all play important roles in the aging process, and it’s important to know how to recognize the changing needs of senior pets. There are many components to successful, effective senior pet care, and we’re happy to help you prepare. 


3 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Senior Pet

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Pets, like their human counterparts, can be a handful. But if you’re looking for an easygoing pet that already knows the ropes, adopting an older animal can be great for both of you. These are three reasons why you should adopt a senior pet:


Senior Pet Celebration: How To Take Great Care of Your Senior Pet

When you have a senior pet, one of the most important things to remember is this: dying isn’t optional, but suffering can be. In other words, older pets can still enjoy life, be active and pain free, and stay healthy for weeks, months, or even years to come. And your veterinarian can help make this happen.

Working with us in the golden years of a pet’s life can make that precious time happy and healthy for both of you. 


Is Your Senior Cat Lonely?

There are different reasons to consider adopting another cat, but if you already have an aging feline at home you’d be correct to take pause over the decision. It’s possible your senior cat is out of sorts if they’ve recently lost a friend or littermate, but introducing them to another pet won’t replace their buddy. What’s more, the situation could be fraught with territorial tension that could profoundly stress them out.

All this doesn’t mean your cat wouldn’t benefit from another pal. Instead, with a lot of love, patience and encouragement it could be the best choice of all.


Boning Up On Senior Pet Health

Senior pet health is important to senior pet care

If cats and dogs aged at the same rate that humans do, we’d be able to live with our best friends for much longer. Unfortunately, they age about 7 times faster than us, or approximately 7 years for every one of ours.

The good news is that with routine preventive care and early screening of age-related diseases, senior pets over the age of 7 years old are living longer, more complete lives. Growing older is a natural part of life, and with a proactive approach to senior pet health, special pets can live far into their golden years.


Hearts of Gold: Adopting a Senior Pet

Shelter for homeless dogsMany animal lovers are aware of the fact that senior pets are often the last to be adopted, remaining in shelters for weeks, months, or even longer.

That’s why our team wants to take a moment to highlight how wonderful adopting a senior pet can be. They bring so much love and happiness to a home – we know you won’t regret your decision!


Senior Pet Care For Seasoned Pet Owners

Dog lying on the floorWe are all too familiar with that singular moment of disbelief when – for the first time – a pet starts to show signs of getting older. Since when did Fido shrug off a walk along the river? Was Fluffy’s face that grey (or white) just yesterday? While changes can certainly occur overnight, it’s more common for distinct age-related symptoms to surface over a period of time. Plus, many pets are hardwired to mask illness, keeping you in the dark as long as possible. Continue…