Is There Such a Thing as Dogs Being Too Treat Motivated?

A black and white dog focuses on a treat in front of his nose.
“Come to papa.”

Most dogs live to eat. A healthy interest in food is not a bad thing, however,  and a dog who likes to eat makes it easier to select a good food since they are less likely to have strong preferences. 

The diets of many dogs include both treats and kibble. While being treat-motivated can often make training a breeze, too much of a good thing can certainly exist. So what is a pet owner to do when a pet is just too treat motivated? Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital has your answers. 


Dogs Like to Work! Your Dog Wants to Earn Their Treat

dog earns treatDo you enjoy giving your pup a treat now and then – or more often? Treating the ones we love makes us feel good, but did you know your dog may get more satisfaction from having to work a bit to earn that treat? It’s true!

Many of us have experienced the satisfaction and pleasure of figuring out a difficult problem and reaping the reward of our hard work. It turns out that dogs are no different. A dog that earns treats also receives satisfaction from learning and earning their rewards.