Dog celebrating a happy new year.

As we head into 2022, most of us are considering ways in which to make this the best year ever. As you lay out your goals for the new year, Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital hopes that you will include your furrier family members and make some resolutions for pet health, too. 

The Power of Resolutions for Pet Health

When pet owners make New Year’s resolutions for pet health, often they are proactive and preventive in nature. 

Good preventive care for our animal friends can bear a lot of benefits. They often include:

  • A longer lifespan for your pet
  • A chance to prevent diseases and other problems
  • Lower lifetime care costs in many cases
  • The opportunity to intervene in different disease processes before they become serious
  • A greater array of options for issues that are identified earlier
  • A lesser chance of your pet needing emergency care

When we stay on top of our pet’s care, the rewards are often well worth it. Often other, more pressing life events and costs get in the way of preventive pet care, though. This makes making pet health a priority a great New Year’s Resolution!

Our Top Five Thoughts

Pet care is so all encompassing, though. Where is an animal lover to start when it comes to resolutions for pet health? Our staff has a few suggestions for you to consider!

5. Update Overdue Care—It is easy for things like vaccinations, heartworm tests, blood screenings, and checkups to slip through the cracks. Contact us today to make sure you know what preventive care your pet is due for and make a commitment to schedule an appointment to get it done.

4. Make Dental Care a Priority—Dental care at home, oral examinations, and cleanings under anesthesia are vital for your pet’s health. If your pet is due for a dental examination or cleaning, or if you need help evaluating your pet’s dental health, make a resolution to bring them in to get the year started with a healthy mouth. 

3. Prepare for Problems—Knowing a little bit of pet first-aid is a great idea for those unexpected times where things go wrong. While we are here for you for basic pet emergencies, deciding to educate yourself about pet first-aid and putting together some basic supplies is a great way to be prepared. 

2. Get Moving—With over half our our country’s pet population being overweight or obese, a commitment to an exercise and/or nutrition program for your pet is a great resolution. Whether it be regular walks, chasing a laser pointer daily, or investing in a puzzle feeder, changes involving activity and diet are always great choices. 

1. Think About Pet Insurance—With the rising cost of just about everything and our abilities and knowledge about veterinary medicine ever-improving, pet insurance is almost becoming a necessity for most families. Consider looking at options and deciding if it might help you to provide the best care for your pet. 

New Year’s Day is a time of fresh starts and new chances. We hope you will take advantage of the positive energy that it brings and consider resolutions for pet health as part of your 2022. We don’t think that you will be disappointed.