traveling with your petSan Antonio isn’t the coldest place in North America during the winter, but our location allows for travel to chillier climates fairly quickly. Whatever your mode of transportation, traveling with your pet can be a fun alternative to the holiday humdrum of previous yuletides. As much fun as you’re bound to have, there are preparations that, once in place, assure your pet’s safety and happiness.

Toasty Warm

Texan pets are accustomed to some fine weather. While it’s quite toasty in the summer, seasonal lows in December hover above freezing. That means that traveling with your pet to, say, Aspen, can be an eye-opening experience. Ready, set, shiver!

Our Job

When you leave town to arrive at far-flung locales, it’s vital to ensure your pet doesn’t feel the negative effects of the cold. Between the cold, dry air and freezing, slushy ground, your pet could have a tough time tolerating the abrupt change in temperature.

Age, lifestyle, temperament, health status, coat style, and even breed all contribute to how your pet handles the snow, ice, wind, and rain.

Protect Your Pet

Beyond all the required packing, there are simple things you can do to prepare for traveling with your pet. For instance:

  • Schedule a wellness visit prior to your departure. If your pet suffers from dry, flaky skin or arthritis, we can give you specific tips on how to mitigate symptoms.
  • Attempt to crate train your pet prior to departure. This will give your pet a cozy place to rest.
  • Schedule and Routine. Keep up your pet’s regular, daily routine, but try to take shorter walks throughout the day. Always be sure to wipe off your pet’s paws upon returning, and be sure to pay close attention to any physical changes.
  • Reduce bathing, as this can create dry skin. Increase brushing to spread the skin’s naturals oils throughout the coat to prevent flaking. This also improves blood circulation, something that’s helpful in colder weather.
  • Gear up! Your pet may truly benefit from a jacket, vest, and booties.
  • Keep track of any strong objections to the wet and cold, such as whining, appearing anxious, and barking. Bring your pet inside after exposure to the cold, wet, and wind.
  • Maintain good hydration. Pets work hard to stay warm and need encouragement to drink enough water.
  • Check into the local amenities of your destination. Research local doggie daycares, dog parks, swimming pools, etc. to keep your pup entertained, exercised, and engaged.
  • Never leave your pet unattended or in the car alone. Go outside with your pet when they have go to the bathroom.
  • Too cold! If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pet.

Traveling With Your Pet

If you’re wondering about traveling with your pet and whether it’s worth all the preparation, it’s really up to your pet. If you’re convinced they can handle taking off, then the memories you make will be priceless. Shades of doubt? Consider our pet boarding facilities if you have to travel without your best friend.

Our veterinarians and staff members wish you and your pet a fantastic trip. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!