Springbrook_iStock_000049232500_LargeIt’s easy to assume that owning a pet is…well, easy. Pets are typically adorable, sweet, fun, good-natured, and excellent snuggle buddies on cold nights. Besides food, water, and shelter (not to mention cleaning up any messes), a prospective pet owner may wonder: what else is there?

As far as we’re concerned, there’s a great deal to consider before adopting a pet, but the research and due diligence doesn’t end there. A truly responsible pet owner understands that a pet is a lifelong partner and deserves to be taken care of like a member of your family.

Embracing Responsibility

Before adopting a pet, it’s critical to assess your living situation and lifestyle to see where a pet might fit in. Avoid impulsively adopting at all costs; instead, thoughtfully plan out how much time you have to give for exercise and attention, and the state of your finances. You may really want a Rottweiler, but your rental unit, demanding work schedule, and bank account could alter your wish. Because of the high number of pets that need homes, please be 100% invested in your pet of choice, so you don’t end up having to give up, or re-home, a deserving pet.

Health Care Matters

In addition to setting aside money and providing medical care for spontaneous illnesses or injuries, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of preventive health for a pet. We believe that proper parasite prevention, timely and appropriate vaccinations, dental care, and spay or neuter procedures are absolute necessities in a pet’s health care, and can help you understand why when you visit us for your pet’s first wellness exam.

A Companionable Companion

For the happiest, well-adjusted pet, a responsible pet owner will invest in training and socialization. This can easily come in the form of visiting dog parks regularly, and committing to a training schedule at home, but professional training can be a valuable experience. Also, agility training can use up a young pet’s energy and train a capable mind (plus, it’s fun for an owner, too!).

Law Abiding

You must abide by certain laws in your city, county, or state, such as attending to Rabies inoculation, picking up feces, noise control, and leash laws. While your pet will most likely require a license to affix to the collar, he or she will should also have visible identification tags. We also recommend that you microchip your pet to aid in a prompt return should your pet ever be picked up and scanned at a clinic or shelter.

How To Be A Responsible Pet Owner

Whether you end up adopting a young pet or a lovable, deserving senior, he or she may surprise you with numerous demands. The good news? It’s all worth it! Being a responsible pet owner means that you get to enjoy every facet of a pet’s health and wellbeing, and there are few things more gratifying.

We hope you’ll let us know if you have any questions about adopting or caring for a pet. It’s our pleasure to serve every responsible pet owner on the block!