Senior pet adoption.

Older, wiser, housetrained, and looking for love. When senior pets are up for adoption, they bring an abundance of benefits to their new homes.

Benefits of Adopting a Senior Pet

Dogs and cats in need of new homes don’t want to be overlooked because they’re growing old. And even though they have some mileage on their odometers, they still have plenty to offer, including:

  • They already know what to do―many are already house trained and even understand basic commands like “sit.”
  • They are full of love and want to share it.
  • They have already grown into their personalities.
  • They’ve been socialized, although they may have to learn to adjust to new pets.
  • They aren’t likely to be as destructive as puppies and kittens.
  • They are calmer than youngsters.

Challenges of Adopting a Senior Pet

As with any adoption, there are certain challenges of adopting a senior pet to consider before making the final decision. It’s easy to fall in love at the first wiggle of a tail or a welcoming purr. History, health issues, and training are important factors in pet adoptions at any age. Let us help you find the best fit in a senior pet companion. Be sure to think about:

  • Breed
  • Temperament
  • Your ability to provide exercise and outdoor space if needed
  • Allergies
  • Health history
  • Know what you can offer a senior pet
  • Know your limitations

Aging and Lonely, There’s a Fix for That!

When you adopt any pet, make sure you provide a comfortable living space with lots of emotional and mental stimulation.

  • Comfy new bed
  • Older dogs may not play with toys, but some like to have toys for snuggling
  • Teach new commands. An old dog can learn new tricks. Cats? Maybe.
  • Abundant petting and praise will help your pet adjust more easily to you and his new home.

Make Adoption Work!

Realize that your new housemate will need a period of adjustment. Be patient when working together. Don’t scold, redirect. Help your new pet learn the rules through encouragement, not punishment. Reward success with affection. Extra snacks add extra calories. An old pet needs to watch its weight! Provide opportunities for exercise: walks for dogs and climbing towers for cats.

We Want to Welcome Your New Pet

Please bring your adopted pet to us for a senior pet wellness check. We’ll give him a thorough exam to help us identify any emerging health issues. We’ll recommend a nutritional diet and grooming practices that will go a long way to keeping your senior pet active, healthy, and happy.