Make 2017 the Most Amazing Year for You and Your Pet

I love dogsNew Year’s resolutions…we love them, we hate them. This year, however, why not change it up and focus more on upgrades you’d like to make for both you and your pet?

They say that having a buddy to support us through exercise, weight loss, and general wellness goals is helpful when it comes to achieving them. Because so many pets could also benefit from a few upgrades and overhauls, including your pal in your New Year’s resolutions can be a great bonding experience.

To help you begin, we came up with some simple suggestions for the healthiest and happiest year yet!

New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pet

  • Don’t sweat it. If the gym isn’t your cup of tea, how about getting your pet to enjoy a new fitness activity with you? Whether it’s backpacking a beautiful trail or running around the house with your cat’s laser toy, making exercise fun is key to maintaining this resolution. Best of all, no expensive gym membership is required!
  • Be in the know. If you’ve always wanted to better understand animals or learn how to provide the best care for your fur friend, making a commitment to pet owner education is the way to go. There are numerous pet-oriented classes online, including Pet First Aid offered through the American Red Cross. If you’re a bookworm, you could even start a pet or animal-themed book club with other animal lovers.
  • Do that thing you’ve been avoiding. Maybe you’ve let your pet’s parasite prevention lapse or haven’t scheduled that follow-up wellness appointment your veterinarian requested. Start the new year off right by taking care of anything that’s preventing you or your pet from having the healthiest life possible.
  • Cherish the little things. While you may be tempted to buy your pet numerous toys or spend hours baking homemade treats, sometimes the most meaningful gift is our time. This can include anyone you care about and have been meaning to spend more time with. Maybe it’s an older family member who’s cheered by your furry pal or perhaps it’s just getting in more quality pet snuggles. Your time is what matters most, and special memories are made in those simple moments.
  • Give freely. If you and your pet companion are blessed with everything you need, you may want to consider ways you can help others. For animal lovers, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as helping animals in need, either through donations of pet supplies or monetary gifts. You can also use your talent in lieu of cash, thereby freeing up overworked shelter staff and saving them money, too. Some rescues will even allow you to bring your own pet along (if he or she is vaccinated and well-behaved). When in doubt, simply call. These organizations depend on us!

No matter what resolutions you choose to adopt in 2017, we know you want to encourage a healthy, wonderful life for your pet. Please call us if we can be of assistance in any way.

From your friends at Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, we wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

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