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San Antonio Pet Dental Care: Clean Teeth and Gums = Better Health and Longer Life for Pets

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One simple, safe, and affordable way to prevent disease in pets is to keep their teeth clean. Teeth cleaning reduces decay and infection in the gums and helps prevent heart, kidney, and liver disease. Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital provides dental services for dogs and cats, with complete dental exams and thorough teeth cleaning.

Why Dental Care for Pets?

It is a misconception that our dogs and cats clean their own teeth by chewing. Certainly, chewing can remove debris from the surface of some of the teeth, the same way chewing gum freshens your mouth. Treats designed to clean teeth and stimulate gums are meant to supplement basic dental care, not replace it. In addition, some so-called chew treats are made with sugar, which is no benefit to your pet’s teeth.

One argument we hear is that wild animals do not need dental care. It is certainly true that they do not receive dental care, but false to believe they do not need it. Wild animals eat very little sweetened or processed foods, a common factor in tooth decay. However, they often suffer from broken or infected teeth and may experience great pain. Infection in the gums easily migrates to the organs such as the heart or kidneys, sickening and eventually killing many wild dogs and cats. In addition, they live only about half as long as domestic pets.

Basic dental exams and teeth cleaning can dramatically extend the life of any companion animal and reduce the pain and suffering associated with dental disease. As part of a regular wellness regime, dental care is affordable and minimizes the expense of treating more complex diseases.

Gentle Pet Dentistry

At each wellness visit, our patients receive a basic oral and dental exam to determine the need for further dental procedures or teeth cleaning. Our dental procedures and teeth cleaning are performed under anesthesia, so your pets never experience pain or anxiety. We take extra care to make the dental experience one that is gentle, comfortable, and safe for every patient.

Clean Their Teeth at Home

Teeth brushing can be simple and enjoyable for many pets and owners. Pet teeth cleaning requires only some basic techniques and a consistent training program. Most pets learn to cooperate completely within a couple of weeks.

Many pet owners clean their companion’s teeth regularly and provide a healthy diet, minimizing the need for dental procedures. Others rely on our veterinary team to regularly clean and monitor the condition of their pet’s teeth and gums. We help you create a plan that is simple, affordable, and meets the dental needs of your pets. Contact our hospital to schedule your pet’s next dental exam.

Helpful Videos

The American Veterinary Medical Association explains the risks of periodontal disease in pets and offers easy teeth brushing instructions.

The WebMD Pet Health website offers a demonstration in how to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth.